Feb 242019

Several great American cities like New Brunswick, New Jersey and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were once known for their great industries. In the last two centuries, all kinds of factories sprung up in those cities and offered thousands of Americans high-paying jobs that helped create high-quality products for the market. Yet, within the past thirty years, American industries have really lost a lot of their power as globalization has taken over, and American jobs have been shipped off overseas to areas where workers can be paid less. Some American cities haven’t been able to recover all of the jobs that they lost, but in places like New Brunswick, NJ and Pittsburgh, PA, residents have really shown their resiliency. Within the past decade as new technologies, such as wireless internet, have made it much easier for people to open their own businesses and say in touch with one another, small businesses in each of these cities have really taken off.

Entrepreneurship has always been a key American value that has led many people to open up small-businesses of all kinds. In the last century, many small-businesses quickly grew into massive corporations, many of which still exist today, but everyone is beginning to realize that small business growth is the key to improving the American economy. That’s why the government has put so much effort and so many resources into creating programs and incentives to help people of all sorts start their own small businesses. In addition to all of the efforts that are clearly targeted to help small business owners, the government has also recently put forth a lot of effort into increasing high-speed internet access all over the country. That’s because the federal government is well aware that fast, reliable and easy internet access is increasingly very important for all businesses to have in order to remain competitive. Within the next decade, it’s clear that the number of wireless internet networks across the country are going to expand greatly and probably even double. At the same time, wifi networks are becoming much faster as well, and these days the fourth generation (4G) of service is already available. With 4G internet access, small business owners in areas like New Brunswick or Pittsburgh can connect to the internet at a rate that is four times faster than older wifi connections! To understand how beneficial that is, you have to understand how important internet access is to small business owners.

As a small business owner, it’s really important to build up a strong presence for your company on the internet. The primary benefit of doing so, is that most small business owners are finding that they can advertise their services and goods much easier and much more affordably than they could in the past. For example, a small business can reach a huge audience through social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, and all of those resources are completely free! It’s quite a difference form the old days when companies couldn’t get more exposure for themselves because they couldn’t afford to place ads in a local paper. So whether you’ve already established your own small business or whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, make sure you’ve got wireless internet service so you can keep promoting your company.

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