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Cars are necessities, not luxuries. These vehicles are used by people to go around from one place to another. Cars make travel faster and much more convenient. People arrive at their destination in a shorter time. There are various models and brands of car nowadays. There are luxury cars, sporty cars and cars for the serious outdoor adventurer.

Buying a first car or buying a replacement car for a broken down, old one is now easier. There are lots of options available anywhere. There are many local car dealerships where one can go to and ask for options. There are brand-new cars and used cars. Purchasing a car can be a little difficult for people who do not have much knowledge about engines and all the other parts. There are unscrupulous car dealers who want to make a quick buck by not being too honest to customers. There are people who want to take advantage of others who do are not well-versed with cars.

The place of Illinois, Chicago has a fair share of car dealerships. Illinois car classifieds also abound. Getting an affordable car in excellent condition will not be difficult at all. There are lots of help to be had. People who dread the thought of driving around and checking car dealerships, the Internet is the perfect tool. A person will not have to leave the confines of his or her own couch to check the perfect cars at the best prices. A person can just sit comfortable on a couch, away from all the traffic and the noise and look at cars anytime he wants. There are many Illinois car classifieds online.

A person can research about new cars and second-hand cars online. There are many comprehensive databases of classified car listings, not just from Illinois, but across the United States of America. The large selection of cars includes Hummers, Maseratis, Land rovers and Chevrolets. Name it, and they will have all brands covered.

When an adequate dealership has been selected, it is necessary to take some things into account when buying a car. A lot of car accidents happen annually, and it is a must that this be avoided. The car also plays a crucial part in scenarios these. When buying a used car, get a complete history. Ask about the car’s previous owners, past mechanical problems, maintenance history, and if the car has been involved in any accidents.

It is extremely critical that a used car go through a full inspection. A history can also be obtained from sites online. One example of such site is CARFAX.com. Ask all the right questions before purchasing anything. It is particularly beneficial to get everything cleared up before agreeing to anything. Read everything before signing. Look through the fine print. A car is substantial purchase, and it should not end up as one enormous mistake.

Purchasing a car in Illinois should be a smooth transaction, especially with the help of Illinois car classifieds. Once a car brand and model have been selected, all other things discussed with the dealership, and the papers have been signed, it is now time to make the payment. Keep receipts and have them in a file. A person can now drive off to the sunset with peace of mind.

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Oct 262017
Travel Illinois
by Kables

People often say that ghost is very awful, But as for Galena, Illinois, it can be said that ghost are helping keep the city alive together with the old charm of Civil War ear town which attracts tourist to the historic place.


Galena, Illinois, like many other historically-significant industrial revolution cities, was once in danger of dying out economically. A major player in U.S. lead production, the town was nearly decimated when the demand for lead ore took a dive.


It certainly was not for lack of character. The town and area had long been known for its culture and historical significance. A walk down the city’s main street is something akin to stepping back over a hundred years in time.


It still bears much of the architecture that was common place in the early 1900’s. One can’t help but feel lost in the past amidst the tall, brown brick structures.


Groups like the Galena Historical Society have worked hard over the years to preserve and maintain many of the town’s historical structures. Many of the area’s artifacts are held in the Galena History Museum.


A large number of these artifacts relate to the lead mining industry or the Civil War. Interpreters there explain their significance in local culture.


Serious efforts to revive the town began around the early 1980’s. It was during these years that many downtown businesses, some of which had been located there for decades, began closing or relocating. City and tourism officials were alarmed and began to look for ways to bring business, and visitors, back to the downtown area.


Officials and residents knew that Galena, Illinois had a great deal to offer, thanks to its colorful history. Sites like Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant’s former home, Dowling House and the Belvedere Mansion give visitors a taste of yesteryear. Tourists get a glimpse of what it was like to live there over 100 years ago.


City, tourism and representatives of the business community began meeting to pool ideas for increasing Galena’s popularity. These efforts have given rise to a number of community initiatives, like Vision 2020; meant to generate interest and business in the city. Vision 2020 hopes to implement a number of new community-generated ideas by the year 2020.


Another unique tourist attraction borne out of the pooling of minds was the Haunted Galena Tour. Conceived by the owners of the Annie Wiggins Guest House, it was designed to personalize the history of the town.


Tourists, whether staying at the bed and breakfast or not, are able to take a foot tour of the town. The tour is led by the fictional “Annie Wiggins”, a “ghost” of Galena, Illinois. The tour treks throughout historic downtown Galena, visiting many of the areas “haunts”, like Dowling House and the local cemetery.


Both public initiatives, like Vision 2020, and private ventures like the “Haunted Galena Tour” have done a great deal for the town. They have injected a new vibrancy into the business community, which enjoys a healthy rate of tourism year-round.


Today, many of Galena, Illinois’ old structures have been revived to keep the ghosts of miners and the Civil War pacified. After all, it is these “ghosts” that so many people are now coming to the city to “see”. The ghosts, in fact, may be exactly what have kept it from becoming a “ghost town”.


Civil War buff looking for a great place to visit? Try historic Galena, Illinois. Stay in comfort at a Galena IL bed and breakfast. There are several outstanding Galena bed and breakfast establishments available for your enjoyment.

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Jun 212017

Our quest to seek out America’s most bizarre attractions continues to the Mid Western state of Illinois. While the typical Illinois vacation would have you taking in a Cubs game, dining on Chicago deep dish and journeying to the top of the Willis (Sears) Tower, we’ll have you experiencing everything but. So buckle up, put on your best Chicago accent, and journey with us to five of Illinois strangest attractions:

1. Funeral Home Mini Golf: Palatine, Illinois

When they’re not embalming a corpse or displaying the dead, you can bet the staff and patrons of the Palatine Funeral home will be in the basement playing a round of death themed mini golf. In fact, a free round of golf comes included with each funeral package.

The smell of formaldehyde fills the air, as you put your way through a challenging course filled with coffins, tombstones and other funeral themed memorabilia. Land your ball in the hole and watch it plummet 6 feet under.

2. World’s Heaviest Man’s Grave: Benville, Illinois

It’s only fitting that the final resting place of the world’s heaviest man, should be located but a stones throw away from the site of the world’s first McDonald’s Restaurant. While there’s no telling just how many Big Macs, apple pies and hot fudge sundaes Robert Earl Hughes consumed during his life, it’s safe to assume it helped him get where he is today.

Once weighing in at a hefty 1041 LBS, Hughes’ subterranean eat-nothing diet has reduced him to nothing but bones.

3. Live Otters In Bank: Kewanee, Illinois

At Kewanee’s Union Federal Savings and Loan, you can make a deposit, take out a loan, and pay a visit to Oscar and Andy, the bank’s dynamic otter duo (though Oscar Sadly passed away in 2008).

Housed in a giant pit at the centre of the bank, the otters have succeeded in re-inspiring investor confidence in the midst of the financial crisis. In fact, prices of fisheries stocks (the otters primary food source) have risen a staggering 64% since the arrival of the playful pair.

Bank Otters

4. World’s Largest Bagel Parade: Matton, Illinois

Bring out the cream cheese, prepare your cutting knifes, warm up your toasters and get set for a carbohydrate rich parade that puts Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade to shame.

There’s no need for elaborate floats or fancy costumes here, no, the men and women happily dressed as poppy, sesame, onion and chocolate bagels are all you need.

Aside from the big name musicians and street performers who show up for their fill of dough, the event is highlighted by the appearance of the world’s largest bagel. To our disappointment however, the mammoth baked good was filled with thousands of bagel ruining raisins. Yuck!

5. Leaning Tower Of Niles: Niles, Illinois

Why bother with the trip to Italy, when you can experience Pisa (or at least a reasonable facsimile), just 15 minutes from Chicago O’Hare. And heck, authentic Italian cuisine doesn’t even come close to matching Chicago deep dish.

The 94 foot tower is about half the size of the Italian original, but with the right camera angle no one but da Vinci will be able to tell that it’s not the real thing (and he’s dead).


Sam Zivot is a blogger and Marketing Manager for Jurnii Car Rentals, America’s new travel focused online rental car company. He writes frequently for the Jurnii USA Car Rental, blog and enjoys travel in the U.S and abroad.