Apr 202018

Competing airlines allege that Emirates gets its fuel at a subsidised rate and the entire government machinery in Dubai bends backward to help the airline which has never posted a loss. Emirates, its critics assert, does not have to worry about high labour costs as it benefits from a migrant workforce in Dubai which comprises of workers from South Asia who are forced to work as slaves since labour laws are openly flouted in this city-state. With no corporate tax, income tax and trade unions to bother about, the airline clearly has an unmerited edge over its competitors. This is something which is contradictory to the ‘open skies policy’ advocated by the government of Dubai. They say Dubai’s famed PR machinery indirectly helps the airline by creating the desired visibility in the mindscape of consumers who are looking for cheap holidays deals to Dubai. Another charge levelled by its competitors is that the tourism machinery in Dubai works overtime to generate the much needed publicity for the airline. Other airlines do not have the financial muscle to generate such a media blitz and therefore lag behind. With unstinted financial backing from the government of Dubai, Emirates has the financial muscle to acquire double-decker A-380 super- jumbo jets from Airbus. A move that is sure to appeal to discerning business and leisure travellers all over the world who don’t search for cheap holiday deals but desire a memorable experience each time they travel. To be fair to Emirates, the airline has pursued meritocracy as the touchstone of progress. Quite a few of its senior management staff comprises of expats including the current President of the company. It has endeared itself to the swish set by setting new benchmarks in passenger comfort offering exclusive mini-suites inside its business class cabins that promise the ultimate in opulence and comfort. Emirates has cultivated itself as a brand in the developed markets of the west by sponsoring major sporting tournaments and events; thereby creating top of the mind recall amongst customers in the developed world. However, industry insiders feel that such unstinted patronage would prove to be counter-productive in the long run. It would make the airline and its management complacent, bureaucratic and unable to face the challenges of the future. Only time will whether Dubai’s rulers, blinded by ambition and greed, would pay heed to such advice or not? If they do, they will take the first step in making Emirate a highly competitive airline that can survive on its own steam and emerge as a monster brand that will last a century.

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Apr 142018

Whether you are looking for a particular cuisine or just looking for a nearby place to eat, restaurants in Dubai cater to every palate.

It is advisable to be open to restaurants within hotels partly because many of them provide food and drink on a self service buffet with a remarkably diverse range of food and beverage outlets, and the finest restaurants in Dubai largely reside inside the luxury hotels. They are often the most popular, and almost the only restaurants holding an alcohol license, which attract large numbers of local residents.

If you know exactly what food your are looking for, there is all types of Middle Eastern cuisines to sample, including Iranian, Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines, or even Far Eastern, Indian, Latin American, and European cuisines are widely available in Dubai.

You could also find the perfect wine and dine experience in Dubai, with restaurants created of characterized French rustic bar offering the widest selection of wines served to you.

Bear in mind that as Dubai is part of a Muslim city, many restaurants, particularly at the cheaper end of the market are not licensed to serve alcohol.

Also some gastronomic restaurants make a fair stab at being the most expensive restaurants in Dubai without making any justice, as per many local opinions.

Some of the Beautiful restaurants are also located on the Dubai Creek Bur Dubai shore, right down by the water edge, and could be one of the few occasions in Dubai when you actually feel like you are in the true Middle East, with the most breathtaking views on the Creek.

The culinary scene in Dubai is as diverse as you can get from the dirt cheap restaurants to the properly exclusive ranges, and this city has little hidden gems that have been quietly tucked away for years in the Bastakia quarter, which has been unchanged by Dubai’s usual modernizing touches and glamorous makeovers, makes it simply a beautiful place for restaurant’s time out.

The absolute loving place will have to be around the Souk, the historic and the Dubai Museum area where the restaurants prices are extremely reasonable, considering that you are sitting in the most visited streets of Dubai.

There is so much choice and many restaurants to recommend in Dubai, and it really depends on whether you are looking for a fine dining or a fast food, but if you are on holiday in Dubai, I would recommend you at least to dine once in a traditional Arabic restaurant, for the warmest Arabian hospitality you never experienced, with the very latest facilities will be pleasantly memorable.

In addition, most top hotels in Dubai provide you with visitor magazines and a concierge information desk which both provide excellent recommendations for restaurants, and as an ever growing cosmopolitan population, Dubai literally serves the world on a plate.

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Apr 022018

Foreign men search for Filipino girls in Dubayy, United Arab Emirates.  Emerging as a global city and a business hub instead of relying on the oil industry alone for it source of revenue, Dubai has trusted on tourism, real estate, and financial services for additional income. With its added attention on labour and human rights issues on its large South Asian labor force, Filipinas or Filipinos in general, flock into the country for better living standards and higher pay. For single eligible men this comes as an opportunity to engage with single, eligible ladies from the Philippines.

For any single and eligible Filipino girls in Dubayy, United Arab Emirates, the constant challenge of missing home and their family grows each day. So if you plan to approach a Filipina in the area you should be knowledgeable as to what would be considered your best behavior.

Filipinas get turned off with aggressive men. Men, who think that just because they are from the west that these ladies will melt right in front of them and give in. In the Philippines this is what is known for being “presko”, a tagalong word for fresh. But, it implies in a negative manner meaning arrogant and boastful. This is entirely false because women from the Philippines have their preferences and religious convictions to start with. They look up to their image as a woman in general and preserve their well being. Approaching them in a manner that is appropriate and friendly, with the utmost respect for a woman with a hint of chivalry would get you somewhere.

Like any other woman in the world, dishonesty is not the best policy. If you want to go beyond meeting a Filipina in Dubai or anywhere else in the world for that matter, you have to be honest and truthful. Unless you have something to hide then that will be your downfall in the future. Messing with a Filipina should be the last thing that you have in mind. Never give promises or say anything that would put up their hopes only to be stumped in the end. These ladies can be your best friends but if you say things that you do not mean they will hold you for it. You would have to work double time just to regain their trust again if ever you break it.

If you are used to being vulgar and badmouth all the time, this should not be the case with the company of a Filipina. They may not show it or tell you directly but it is a big turnoff and inviting them out again will be as harder as reeling a swordfish in. In general, being a complete gentleman and a sincere friend will take you to great lengths of having a Philippine woman for a friend or a girlfriend. If you get lucky you might even end up marrying one which according to those who did” is worth all the riches in the world”. Marrying Filipino girls in Dubayy, United Arab Emirates or any Filipina in the world is promising because shecan be your best friend, partner, and helpmate and a great mother to your children.

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Chat with Filipina girls from Manila, Philippines
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Chat with Filipina girls in the United Arab Emirates

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Mar 092018

‘Emirates Holidays’ the tour-operator arm of the UAE based Emirates Airline, opened its new Holiday World in Johannesburg, South Africa later this year.

This dedicated holiday outlet bolsters Emirates airline’s strong presence in South Africa. The Holiday outlet is also provided with an efficient call centre, located at the 22 Cresent Drive Melrose Arch Johannesburg.

Emirates Airline operates flights to Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg from nearly all major UK & Ireland airports including Manchester, New Castle and Heathrow. Emirates airline is the stronger competitor for top world carriers and has acquired a leading position in the market within a decade. It is one of the fastest growing carriers of the world. The establishment of Emirates Holiday World in South Africa the airline will further tap into the South African Market and provide more  efficient customer services to Emirates travelers worldwide through bringing forth a one-stop information and booking shop for travelers.

Emirates Holidays says in its Press Release that the new Holiday World – Johannesburg specializes in assisting those requiring expert holiday consultancy on any of the Emirates Holidays’ destinations and tailor-made, quality and affordable holiday options.

According to Dina Al Herais, Vice President-Commercial Operations, Emirates Holidays:

“The opening of the Johannesburg Holiday World cements our belief in the huge potential of this market,”

He further added:

“This is a culture where travel is an intrinsic part of life, and we hope to serve travelers not only to popular destinations in Europe and Australia but also cater to the increasing interest for holidays to other regions such as the Middle East, the Far East, Indian Ocean and the US.”

The centre not only covers the capital but the Emirates Holidays staff is also positioned in Emirates offices in Cape Town and Durban.

The new Holidays World outlet in Johannesburg emphasizes the growing importance of the South African travel market for Emirates Holidays and airline.

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Jan 172018

2010 SUPER BOWL jerseysonlineshop webeditor report:

Derby in the country before, Guti was open to the public in saying he would leave Real Madrid after the end of the season. Guti has been left no doubt where doubt is that he will go. “I might go to the Premiership, Serie A or the West, everything will depend on the offer.” Guti made it clear at that time. Today, the future King Wolf has been finalized, according to “Aspen” reported that Guti will be joined next season, a team of Dubai United Arab Emirates.

At the end of the season, Guti will be rushed to Dubai, he will spend his career in the West the last two years. Guti’s annual salary of 500 million euros, two years, he will get 10 million euros in salary, which is even higher than his income at Real Madrid. Guardiola was late in his career playing football in Qatar, while midfielder Guti tissue selected the United Arab Emirates Baltimore Ravens jerseys.

The problem now is that the final year of his contract with Real Madrid Guti to how to solve. Guti’s contract will expire in the summer of 2011, in the last half of the season was blocked, the media has been rife with Real Madrid Guti will surrender and join Inter Milan in the winter transfer window. When asked about this topic, Guti very strong position at the time, he asked Real Madrid to last season’s salary as compensation paid to him, because he contributed to Real life, which is his due. “Aspen Daily” Guti and Real Madrid will not disclose how to solve this problem, but the current situation, gold wolves more likely to make concessions.

Guti must leave the possibility of leaving the team Raul is very large. Raul has hinted in the last week, he will leave Real Madrid in the summer but not the end of his career, Ayala Zaragoza Valdano admitted after this. Real Madrid will fully retain general manager Raul did not stand, but declared that “we respect all decisions of Raul.” In the summer, the two captain will join Real Madrid Bernabeu farewell. Has been compared to this season because of injury an early goodbye to Raul, Guti is lucky, at least he can in 37 when at home to Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid fans bid farewell to the scene.

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Dec 302017

Filipina girls in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates cope with homesickness, loneliness and a lot of other factors that probably every Overseas Filipino Worker suffers from. This is because they are far away from their homeland and cannot go home anytime they want. It is not that they cannot afford to go home but one valid reason is that they are very far away from the Philippines, and secondly, it is not practical to go home anytime they want since it cost a lot. They would rather save the expense for the fare and give the money to her family back home.

Hundreds of jobs are offered to Filipina girls in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates or any Filipino in general. This is because aside from having to hire them at a very low cost they are noted to be very hard working and loyal to their employers. If you are not aware, these Filipinas leave the comfort of their homeland to go to other countries in search for higher paying jobs. This is so that they could extend more than enough financial help to their family back home.

Filipinos have a very social-oriented culture. They are very loyal to their family members and sometimes extend help if able even to the farthest degree of relatives. To them it is a sign of respect when they look back to their roots. Filipinos hold clan reunions just so they could learn about their roots and acquaint themselves with their farthest relative. They also love to host “Fiestas” and other religious related occasions as part of their culture but it is also an opportunity for them to socialize with fellow countrymen.

When they are abroad, they link themselves with Filipino community associations to have the sense of belongingness. This is also to keep their mind off from loneliness. During their free time they socialize with other Filipinas in the area and sort of adopt them as their second family, making it “a home away from home”. If they have suitors, they preoccupy themselves with this and sometime this inspires them to work even harder. Courting single, eligible Filipinas who are lonely and in the search for companionship might sound easy but actually it is not.

Filipinas who are working and living in other countries but, born and raised in the Philippines are mostly grounded with Filipino culture. Again, the reason they are abroad is because of their family, and every decision she has to make will affect them either directly or indirectly. This is something that she has to weigh and think over before she can even think of approving of your advances. She has to let her family know that she has a suitor even when they are not asking her. If ever she has approved your advances already, this is because her family has approved of it as well. Every decision though it may seem personal already will always involve the family back home. It is a sign of respect for her elders and fear of the Lord.

Filipinas are very religious people. Going to church weekly is a must to them because it gives them hope. They can fill their free time by going to church or spending time in solemnity in a not so busy part of the city.  These are just a few of the things that Filipina girls in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates do to cope up with loneliness.

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Dec 152017

Filipina girls in the United Arab Emirates may be more reserved than those Filipinas from other countries. This may be because of the culture in the UAE that is mostly dominated by men. The culture is also very strict on how women should dress or handle themselves towards men. Too much exposure of skin for women is considered a criminal offense. It is socially unacceptable for women to wear types of clothes that arouse the men. As the saying goes “When you are in Rome, Do what the Romans do.”

Dubai is where you can find a great majority of Filipina girls in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are next to the most populated areas of Filipino women. The estimated population of Filipinos in the UAE is more or less 450,000 individuals. With Filipinas flocking the UAE because of the promise of higher pay and means of better living conditions, most of them employ as house helpers. They also occupy fields in real estate, telecommunications, marketing, information technology, design engineering, architecture, tourism, banking institutions, and retail.

If you plan on dating a Filipina you must be discreet and polite at the same time. Most of these women may be single and eligible bachelorettes but they never lose sight of the main reason why they are in a country far away from home. That is to work in a foreign land to be able to help their family back in the Philippines financially. Nor do they want to risk losing their job because of personal life. Never ask too much of their time because the truth of the matter is they cannot give it to you.

Never take advantage of a Filipina who works and live in a foreign land because they are the last person you would like to mess around with. They may be petite but their hearts are as big as any woman in the world, maybe more. When they commit themselves to someone they are faithful and sincere to that person.

Filipinas do not settle for the “now”. They always think of the future when it comes to relationship. More often than not they choose their suitors eyeing on the possibility that that person being her husband. With the no divorce law in the Philippines this is how they must think and choose a man.

If you just shower her with the utmost respect and love due a wife, you will never regret having her as your girlfriend. They are fiercely loyal and can be a great helpmate and your best friend at the same time. Being truthful and honest with your feelings and intentions is all they would ever ask from you. Always be prepared to help her family in many ways whenever the need arises. Her family is her life and joy and all she would ever want is for you to be part of that family as well. You can show this by sincerely giving a helping hand. Of course, if you do not wish to do all these then do not even think of dating Filipina girls in the United Arab Emirates or anywhere else in the world.

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Chat with Filipina girls from Manila, Philippines
Chat with Cebuana girls from Cebu, Philippines
Chat with Filipina girls, Japanese girls or Korean girls

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Nov 272017


This report offers insights into the market opportunities and entry strategies adopted by foreign OEMs
(original equipment manufacturers) to gain a market share in the United Arab Emirates defense industry. In
particular, it offers in-depth analysis of the following:

Market opportunity and attractiveness: detailed analysis of the current industry size and
growth expectations during 20102015, including highlights of the key growth stimulators. It also
benchmarks the industry against key global markets and provides detailed understanding of
emerging opportunities in specific areas.

analysis of Defense industry market size from 2004 through 2009 and forecasts till 2015
analysis of defense budget allocation
Benchmarking with key global markets
Market opportunities

Reasons To Buy
Gain insight into United Arab Emirates defense industry with current, historic and forecast market values
Get insight on market opportunity and attractiveness
Get insight on industry procurement dynamics

Key Highlights
The United Arab Emirates is located on the south side of the Strait of Hormuz, through which 40% of the worlds oil is exported and which also shares its border with Iran. Territorial disputes with Iran, combined with its recent advancements in ballistic missile technology, have driven the UAE to focus on the development of its own aircraft and missile systems, which accounted for 96% of the total defense procurements made during 2004-09. Indeed, the countrys lack of indigenous defense capabilities and trained manpower has led the UAE to seek high technology, top quality defense systems from foreign OEMs, in order to provide effective protection to all of its strategic assets and critical infrastructure.

Defense, United Arab Emirates, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems plc, Raytheon Company, RollsRoyce plc, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Thales, The Boeing Company, Abu Dhabi Ship Building, Gulf Logistics and Naval Support, Abu Dhabi Systems Integration, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Table of Contents :
1 Introduction
1.1 About this Report
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Methodology
1.3.1 Secondary research
1.3.2 Primary research
1.3.3 Conventions
1.4 ICD Research Terrorism Index
1.5 About ICD Research Defense Intelligence Centre
2 Executive Summary
3 Market Attractiveness and Emerging Opportunities
3.1 Defense Market Size and Forecast

List of Tables
Table 1: ICD Research Terrorism Index
Table 2: Major Deals Signed by the UAE at the IDEX 2009
Table 3: UAE Joint Ventures Established as a Result of Offset Provisions
Table 4: UAE – Offset Guidelines and Agreements
Table 5: Key Foreign Players and Operations in the UAE Defense Sector

List of Figures
Figure 1: UAE Defense Market Size and Forecast (US$ billion), 200415F
Figure 2: UAE Arms Imports by Category (%), 200409*
Figure 3: Defense Expenditure Split between Revenue and Capital (%), 200415F
Figure 4: UAE Defense Expenditure (% of GDP), 200415F
Figure 5: ICD Research Terrorism Heat Map, 2009
Figure 6: ICD Research Terrorism Index Score, 2009
Figure 7: Benchmarking with Key Global Markets Historical vs. Expected Defense Budget Growth
Figure 8: Defense Expenditure of the Largest Military Spenders in the World, 2009 and 2015F (US$ billion)
Figure 9: Defense Expenditure of Largest Military Spenders in 2009 (% of GDP)
Figure 10: Cumulative Defense Import Trend (%), 200409*
Figure 11: Industry Dynamics Porters Five Forces Analysis
Figure 12: Abu Dhabi Ship Building – Revenue Trend Analysis (US$ Million), FY200509
Figure 13: Abu Dhabi Ship Building Operating Profit Trend Analysis (US$ Million), FY200509
Figure 14: Abu Dhabi Ship Building Net Profit Trend Analysis (US$ Million), FY200509
Figure 15: UAE Business Confidence Index, Q32009Q12010
Figure 16: Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange Market Capitalization (US$ Billion), 200309
Figure 17: Dubai Financial Market, Market Capitalization (US$ Billion), 200309
Figure 18: UAE Deployment of Credit by Sector (US$ billion), 200309
Figure 19: UAE GDP Value at Constant Prices (US$ Billion), 200315F
Figure 20: UAE GDP per Capita at Constant Prices (US$ ), 200315F
Figure 21: UAE GDP at Current Prices (US$ Billion), 200315F
Figure 22: UAE GDP per Capita at Current Prices (US$ ), 200315F
Figure 23: UAE GDP Split by Key Segments (%), 2003 vs. 2009
Figure 24: UAE Agriculture Output Value at Current Prices (AED Billion), 200315F
Figure 25: UAE Agriculture Output Value at Current Prices (US$ Billion), 200315F

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Email : contact@aarkstore.com

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Oct 312017

You can find a lot of Filipino girls in United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates have recorded at least 280,000 to 450,000 Filipinos living in their country either as descendants of Filipinos who have been living in the UAE for years or as expatriates. Thus, this makes at least 4.3% of the population as a whole.

The largest Filipino concentration is in Dubai, then Abu Dhabi, and lastly Al Ain. Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW’s as they are more commonly called back in the Philippines flock to the United Arab Emirates for job opportunities in the field of architecture, cargo shipping, telecommunications, medical, construction, design engineering, real estate, marketing, energy, tourism, and information technology. With the wide array of involvement in different sectors in the UAE, you will most likely meet a Filipina if you know where to find them.

Foreign men who seek Filipino Girls in United Arab Emirates are nothing new to the dating world. A lot of foreign men have long been attracted to the beauty of the Filipina. Some have even lived happy and full married lives enjoying the company that so few are blessed with.

Filipinas are generally a reserved bunch of women and have a small circle of selected friends if possible. But outside the Philippines, Filipinos tend to gather in large groups and more often than not they put up a social community exclusively for Filipinos in that certain area. They are hard-working and perseverant in a lot of things but they also know how to have a good time especially right after work hours.

If you happen to meet a Filipina at work or in a social gathering, or in the street this is how to seize that opportunity. You can approach a friend of hers, and start befriending that person to get to her. This is common in the Philippines and this person is called a “bridge”. If you are successful then this person can be a great asset in vouching for you whenever you want to make advances towards the Filipina lady. Be as polite and chivalrous as possible. Filipinas do not want aggressive and arrogant men who think that they are from the West and assume that these women will melt right away. They look way beyond status and physical features, although these traits have its advantages.

Another opportunity for you to seize is infiltrating the group. As mentioned, Filipinos want to celebrate as a group, putting the saying “the more the merrier” into application. You can go with them as a group and if the chance arises then you can ask her out after a few times together. Be thoughtful and caring. Texting her when you wake up and throughout the day or before going to bed will show her that you think of her even if you are not together. Simple things like remembering events that are important to her will take you to great lengths in a relationship. Simple gifts and gestures of taking her out on a date even if there is no particular celebration will soften her heart for you.

The best thing a guy can do is for his Filipina girlfriend is to invite her to your home and introduce her to your parents or relatives. This will tell her that you are making her a part of your life in general. Though you may not yet have a committed relationship yet it would mean a lot to any Filipino girls in United Arab Emirates.

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Chat with Filipina girls from Manila, Philippines
Chat with Cebuana girls from Cebu, Philippines
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Oct 252017

When I arrived here three years ago, I had never lived outside Australia. I had no real idea of Arab culture or Islam and had a naeve expectation that a country with incomprehensible wealth would have “bought off” all its problems. I now realise that contrary to my expectations, money creates its own problems here as elsewhere.

I had already experienced the problems of welfare dependency among indigenous Australians who receive “sit-down money” literally so they can sit on their black butts and do nothing. Why should I have expected it to be different here?

The truth is, since discovering vast oil wealth a few decades ago, the majority of the 830,000 odd Emiratis have spoiled themselves to the stage that they have now become largely moribund. With a surplus of money, they have been able to hire others to do not only their dirty work, but everything else. This has led to a largely youngish population unmotivated to work, undereducated, spoiled by access to large quantities of food (largely high fat, high sugar), high powered motor vehicles, whizz-bang electronics, and subsequently, high rates of death through lifestyle diseases (diabetes has reached epidemic proportions) and traffic incidents.

The UAE Government, much to its credit, is trying to address many of these ills. For example, it has an Emiratisation program that aims to get Emiratis into jobs. This is accompanied by free education at all levels, but is largely a failure here for the same reason that the Indigenous Recruitment and Development Programs are a failure in Australia: putting people in jobs because they are a particular race or nationality, doesn’t provide a source of capable, motivated, work-ready individuals. While the government and semi-government agencies hire a handful (9%), the private sector (at just 1%) avoids Emiratis like the plague because they are quite simply, a very poor return on investment. When you can hire an Indian worker who will work 12 hours per day, six days per week and give his heart and soul to the job, why would you want a work-shy Emirati?

Additionally, some of the Islamic religious and cultural practices affect everything from road safety to the number of women in the workforce. A few drivers have told me here that wearing a seat belt is an affront to Allah because it’s as good as saying you have no faith that he will protect you. Given the evidence of a road death rate that is among the highest, if not the highest in the world, it’s hard to justify that type of logic, especially when many of the deceased are muslims.

Although the lifestyle here is idyllic for well-educated, Western expatriates, there are hundreds of thousands of exploited Asian and Indian workers for whom life must be hell. They are the maids, drivers, construction workers and labourers who work incredibly long hours for very little pay and who are often treated poorly. With a handful of white Westerners, they make up the vast majority of the 90% expatriate population.

So, we expatriates keep the schools, power houses, water supplies, communications, hospitals, and everything else running. This has the potential to be a huge problem for example, if a militant Islamic group decided to bomb a few venues where expatriates gather. Many expatriates would flee the country and it would literally grind to a halt.

As with most societies that have been overtaken by other cultures supposedly more advanced, maintaining a balance between the worst of the West and the best of the Arab/Islamic culture is increasingly more difficult. Levels of prostitution, drugs use, alcohol, and crime in such “progressive” cities as Dubai are slowly eroding the values of Islam and changing the culture, perhaps for the worst.

The frenzy of construction in Dubai has turned it into an unfriendly mass of ever-changing, convoluted and traffic crammed roads that snake through the desert dust to this or that mall. One day it may become a destination of choice for the well heeled, but at present it is an over-populated, polluted city in which hundreds of thousands of over-priced residences are being constructed for who knows whom.

I’ve enjoyed my stay here immensely and appreciate the opportunity to experience this interesting society of largely friendly and welcoming people. I do however, have a great concern that the country is heading in the wrong direction. And every so often I wonder how better off we all would be if some of this vast wealth was redirected to the starving millions nearby rather than being squandered on yet another mall or world-first tall tower.

Copyright 2008 Robin Henry

Robin Henry is an educator, human resources specialist and Internet entrepreneur who writes articles about a wide range of topics. He comes from Alice Springs in Central Australia but is currently temporarily residing at Al Ain, near Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Further information is available at http://www.dwave.com.au/consulting.html