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Clothing style of Coco Chanel was, is, and you can have no doubt, will remain an icon of taste. And not only the style of dress. You can say that this amazing woman has revolutionized not only in fashion FLANMARK.com and style, but in life, behavior and minds of all women. Thanks to her, women were freed from the tyranny of corsets and petticoats lush. She also freed women from the stereotypes that have evolved over the centuries. In addition, Coco Chanel was the author of many statements which are cited in the present.

“This woman http://www.flanmark.com should be able to transform, must constantly change. To become a queen of style must find the courage to combine incongruous “- words of Coco Chanel. Despite the fact that the principal in the clothes she considered feminine, Coco was able to “take away” from the strong half of humanity from their ancestral male wardrobe items. It’s jackets and trousers, shirts and ties, and even men’s hats.

Clothing style of Coco Chanel, with its male things, do not make a woman manly. Rather the contrary. Men’s things even more emphasized femininity. The main thing to keep in mind that under these kinds of things is a woman. And wear these things, “selected” for men, as they wore herself Coco. For example, if it’s pants, direct, and always with high heels – it’s visually lengthens the legs. Waist pants certainly should emphasize the waist. If this jacket, it should provide, then why not for men, namely: hips, waist and chest. If this strict shirts, the accessory can be not only male tie or butterfly, but also romantic ribbons, and even seductive frill.

Coco Chanel argued that the richer looking dress, the poorer it becomes. And dressed all in black, to develop their flavor. And after that she had created the little black dress, which really dressed the whole world. Until that time, black was the only color of mourning. Coco also proclaimed his base of the style. The genius of the little black dress is its brevity. It has no buttons, no lace, no frills, no fringe. The only permissible accessories are white collar and cuffs. And of course the pearls! Thread of white pearls on a background of black fabric looks not just spectacular, and the divine. Little black dress is universal. Its easy to be put on the maid and the famous actress. Any woman wearing this dress would look elegant. Little black dress can erase all boundaries: the social, material, age …

This amazing woman is believed that the style is as simple cut, which does not binds the motion. She could not bear affectation. Coco Chanel introduced in a fashion FLANMARK.com not only the little black dress, but also direct a pencil skirt with a length just below the knee. And this length is chosen for the reason that Coco knees felt very ugly part of the woman’s body, and therefore insisted that the knees must be covered. The undeniable advantage of a pencil skirt is its ability to highlight all the curves of a woman – a wasp waist, curvy through the hips. Clothing style of Coco Chanel meets the requirement that a woman has always been feminine in any situation, even in the strict business attire.

For evening dressesof Coco Chanel offered to choose black. She believed that too smart suit does not make a woman elegant. Black – the most mysterious FLANMARK.com. Together with the mysterious woman he can regain his youth. Even a bad taste can not spoil the elegance of black.

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Jul 102017

Samoa is a group of Islands that is located in South Pacific and is popular as a tropical and relaxing travel destination. Thousands of tourists visit the place every year. They get fascinated not only by the bespoke natural beauty of the place, but the traditional culture and lifestyle also leaves a great impact on their minds.

In this regard, Samoa clothing is one attribute that attracts lots of people. The clothes are not only bright and cheerful but also hold the great essence of traditionalism. In the clothes, you can notice the distinctive dressing patterns. The proper Samoan clothing for women includes wrapping up dresses or sarongs which have floral prints and bright colors. The accessories include beautiful bracelets to necklaces. The men have simple clothing style; however, you can find some distinctive patterns in Samoan Men’s clothing. Besides Samoan Clothing, the tattoos are also an enriched part of Samoan ornamentation. Both, men and women are fond of tattoos and you can find numerous tattoo parlors in every corner of Samoa.

As clothing is a distinctive part of Samoan Culture, you can witness it in the weddings. The wedding dress of the Samoan bride is extensively designed and great care is taken to give it a complete look. Brides make their wedding dresses by applying tapa cloth ” Siapo” that they acquire from barks of mulberries.

Furthermore, there is nothing wrong in stating that Samoan Clothing is an art, which the Samoans have mastered. The Samoan popular dresses are Poletasi for women and Lava Lava for both men and women. Where Puletasi is a particular female dress, Lava Lava can be worn by both men and women. Lava Lava is a kind of Sarong that can be wrapped around the body. Other than this, Puletasi is also a wrapping up Samoan two piece of clothing which is generally worn by all ages. This dress is considered very traditional can be used in any Samoan Occasions.

The dresses have distinctive Samoan Patterns, which make these dresses special and more beautiful. Colors are also very important part of Samoan Clothing. When you are in Samoa, you can get as many dresses as you can and enjoy the Samoan feel. However, if you have no plans to visit the country and want to taste the real Samoan Patterns, you need not to worry. There are numerous online shopping websites that provide you authentic Samoan dresses and make sure that you get what you want. These websites have a large catalogue. All you need to do is, select a dress of accessory and place and order. Your product will reach at your door. However, make sure to purchase from an authentic and genuine site.

So, get indulged into Samoan Clothing and enjoy the vibrant and cheerful colors of the country.

MENA produce outstanding Resort Wear for New Zealand with inspiring styling from Samoan dresses. So do not forget to pack in your favourite resort clothing the next time you are off to Auckland for your vacation, or log onto http://www.menashop.com/ for more information on Pacific Clothing.

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