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Several great American cities like New Brunswick, New Jersey and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were once known for their great industries. In the last two centuries, all kinds of factories sprung up in those cities and offered thousands of Americans high-paying jobs that helped create high-quality products for the market. Yet, within the past thirty years, American industries have really lost a lot of their power as globalization has taken over, and American jobs have been shipped off overseas to areas where workers can be paid less. Some American cities haven’t been able to recover all of the jobs that they lost, but in places like New Brunswick, NJ and Pittsburgh, PA, residents have really shown their resiliency. Within the past decade as new technologies, such as wireless internet, have made it much easier for people to open their own businesses and say in touch with one another, small businesses in each of these cities have really taken off.

Entrepreneurship has always been a key American value that has led many people to open up small-businesses of all kinds. In the last century, many small-businesses quickly grew into massive corporations, many of which still exist today, but everyone is beginning to realize that small business growth is the key to improving the American economy. That’s why the government has put so much effort and so many resources into creating programs and incentives to help people of all sorts start their own small businesses. In addition to all of the efforts that are clearly targeted to help small business owners, the government has also recently put forth a lot of effort into increasing high-speed internet access all over the country. That’s because the federal government is well aware that fast, reliable and easy internet access is increasingly very important for all businesses to have in order to remain competitive. Within the next decade, it’s clear that the number of wireless internet networks across the country are going to expand greatly and probably even double. At the same time, wifi networks are becoming much faster as well, and these days the fourth generation (4G) of service is already available. With 4G internet access, small business owners in areas like New Brunswick or Pittsburgh can connect to the internet at a rate that is four times faster than older wifi connections! To understand how beneficial that is, you have to understand how important internet access is to small business owners.

As a small business owner, it’s really important to build up a strong presence for your company on the internet. The primary benefit of doing so, is that most small business owners are finding that they can advertise their services and goods much easier and much more affordably than they could in the past. For example, a small business can reach a huge audience through social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, and all of those resources are completely free! It’s quite a difference form the old days when companies couldn’t get more exposure for themselves because they couldn’t afford to place ads in a local paper. So whether you’ve already established your own small business or whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, make sure you’ve got wireless internet service so you can keep promoting your company.

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Jan 152018

In order to see the entire beauty of New Brunswick, the “Picture Province”, you must visit it in each of its four seasons. The four seasons are distinctively different from each other in New Brunswick with maple syrupy spring days, warm sunny summers, vibrant colored autumns, and cold crisp snow-filled winters.

Spring doesn’t arrive early enough for most of us who live here but when it does arrive it is welcomed with open arms. After our cold and snowy winter, the slightest hint of green in trees and grass proves that winter is over for another year. Before the Maple trees receive their green leaves they produce sap, which is collected, boiled down and used to make special maple treats. The boiling of the sap removes much of the water, which increases the sugar content. The remaining sugary substance is used to make taffy (candy) on the snow, maple sugar, and maple cream. Be sure to visit a local sugar camp in this season for what locals call a “sugaring off”!

Tourists come here in the summer for our more tolerable temperatures, our relaxed atmosphere, and our great seafood. Activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, boating, whale watching, and golfing are popular in the summer months. Our Acadian coast has some of the warmest salt-water beaches north of Virginia and our Fundy coast has some the highest tides in the world.

Autumn brings with it some cool crisp nights that aid in turning our sugar maples their vibrant red, yellow and orange colors. The color change happens quickly and usually remains beautiful for only a couple of weeks before the leaves fall to the ground. Autumn is also harvest time, so that would be the time to visit a vegetable stand, farmer’s market or two or even stroll one of the many walking trails and just simply admire the colorful leaves.

Winter has an entirely new set of activities for all ages. Skating, snowshoeing, skiing, sliding, and snowmobiling are all the rage this time of the year. There is no shortage of indoor/outdoor rinks, groomed sliding and ski hills and a network of snowmobile trails throughout the province. If all of that is not your idea of a good time, just curl up beside a warm cozy fire and drink a steaming mug of creamy hot chocolate!

As long as you enjoy nature at it’s best the “Picture Province” of New Brunswick, Canada will be beautiful no matter what season you choose to visit.

Kathy Boone has worked in the New Brunswick tourism industry for over five years. Having been born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada, she is more than qualified to guide your vacation plans to her beautiful home province. Visit Kathy’s website http://www.travel-new-brunswick-canada.com

Dec 162017

It is ideal and unique for whole families when spend holidays in New Brunswick where offers , all kinds of special activities, events, and festivals for families, especially one-of-a-kind natural attractions such as the world’s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy. This Atlantic Province is considered as summer paradise  will make you comfort your holiday when reading a book by the ocean, taking a walk along the sand, or going for a refreshing swim.


Katy’s Cove in St. Andrews is a popular saltwater swimming spot. Freshwater beaches include Saint John’s Dominion Park and Lakewood Reservoir, George’s Canal Beach, and Moncton’s Kiwanis Centennial Beach. Visitors can have a picnic or camp along the seashore.


Canoeing trips in Fundy National Park are the perfect way to enjoy a summer afternoon. If the family prefers to relax on land, building a sandcastle on a beautiful New Brunswick beach will be a memorable outing. Children love the discovery beaches – perfect for beachcombing. Cape Enrage has two discovery beaches. The New River Beach Provincial Park has tidal pools where starfish like to drop by for a visit.


New Brunswick has three provincial, one national, and one international park. Fundy National Park of Canada is one of the favorite destinations in the Maritimes. Everyone deserves to enjoy the “Best of Fundy.” New Brunswick is very accessible to visitors. The province even shares a border with Maine but New Brunswick is a unique tourist destination.


In fact, just driving along the road in New Brunswick is a treat for the whole family. Besides the amazing scenery, the kids will love the roadside attractions such as the largest Semi-Palmated Sandpiper Sculpture – a detailed replica located in Dorchester. Explore the province’s picturesque towns, charming villages, and vibrant cities.


As well, New Brunswick has festivals that appeal to every member of the family. Kids love the Chocolate Fest in St. Stephen (home to Ganong Chocolate). Moms and Dads like the Atlantic Seafood Festival in Moncton.


Family can enjoy hiking, cycling, or horseback riding amidst the stunning emerald green landscape. The lush spaces and lovely lakes create amazing vistas. The scenery alone is a treat but hikers can also see the province’s wildlife (deer, moose, birds) in their own habitat. Bird watching and whale watching let visitors get ‘up close and personal’ with the wonders of the natural world. 


Fishing on the Miramichi is another unforgettable outing that will get you back in touch with nature. Anglers can choose from the province’s 2500 lakes. Nothing beats an afternoon of trout fishing with the family followed by roasting the day’s catch over the campfire.


Of course, fresh seafood is popular fare in New Brunswick restaurants. Yet diners can also select delicious meals with French and international influences. Family specials and kid-friendly menus always make dining an affordable and tasty experience. At the end of fun-filled days, families can return to New Brunswick cottages and hotels for restful nights in one of the four beautiful Atlantic Provinces. Enjoy a true Maritime vacation.


Travel is a passion for Richard and he had the good fortune to visit over 30 countries – working and living around the globe. This broad experience, coupled with his business adventures as an entrepreneur, gives him a unique perspective on travel destinations. Richard writes about his favorite spots and hopes that you will follow him on his adventures.

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Nov 132017



The map will include all key destinations in the greater New Brunswick area.

Resort Maps are colorful, hand-drawn maps of towns and cities, distributed free to area visitors at travel information and rest areas as well as at advertiser locations. The New Brunswick map will highlight local attractions and things to do, restaurants, festivals and fairs, accommodations, retail shops, real estate and other services. Each advertiser on the map will be represented with a display ad surrounding the perimeter of the map, including a color-coded grid locator and their actual building hand-drawn, highlighted and labeled, making it easy to locate.

“As a college town, there are always people from outside the area coming to New Brunswick who may not be aware of some of the city’s hidden jewels,” said Tona. “Resort Maps will not only provide them with an invaluable tool to help them get around but it will also showcase the many things to do and see in New Brunswick beyond the Rutgers campus.”

Prior to starting her family, Tona had been a school teacher in New York City. As her family got older, she tried to re-enter the teaching ranks on a full-time basis, only to find opportunities few and far between. So, the South Brunswick resident contemplated starting her own business. The process led her back to previous family vacations when she first encountered Resort Maps.

“When my children were younger, we always picked up Resort Maps if they were available,” said Tona. “So, when I started investigating business opportunities, I did a little research on the Resort Maps opportunity. It seemed like something I could do and fit it in with my family life and the other things I do in the community.”

A resident of South Brunswick since 1993, Tona has cooked and been an active volunteer for Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen for the past six years. Along with her husband Robert, she has also been active in coordinating an annual road race to help fund sports programs at South Brunswick High School.

Jun 212017

The scenery in New Brunswick is one of the most spectacular in the world featuring wonderful views of the ocean and the nearby Appalachian Mountains. Whether you want to experience the natural beauty of the New Brunswick region on foot or by automobile you will definitely have some memories which will make it into the family photo album.

The Appalachian Trail runs along the coast of the New Brunswick region and is famous for the wonderful hiking trails which it offers. You can find your way through the day hiking trails on your own or you can hire one of the guides in the region to take you through the safer regions of the mountains.

Some more of the province’s tourist attractions are the New Brunswick Museum, Kouchibouguac National Park, Mactaquac Provincial Park, Les Jardins de la Republique, Parlee Beach, Hopewell Rocks, La Dune de Bouctouche, Saint John Reversing Falls, Magnetic Hill Zoo, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, King’s Landing Historical Settlement, Crystal Palace, Magic Mountain Water Park, Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Preserve, Sugarloaf Provincial Park, Sackville Waterfowl Park, Fundy National Park, and the Fundy Hiking Trail. Major population areas include the City of Saint John; the capital city, Fredericton; beautiful Grand Manan Island; world-renowned St. Andrews; the northern community of Grand Falls; Miramichi and the area of Restigouche.

There are over one hundred species of birds thriving in the New Brunswick region making it a perfect place for bird watching. Among the species which live in the region is the giant woodpecker which is always a treat for North American bird watchers to view.

There are several mammals in the region that are worth the time it takes to find and observe them in their natural habitat. These include the lynx and white tailed deer. You should definitely bring your camera on your trip through the Appalachian Range since the lynx is a rare find.

If you would prefer to observe marine life in the area then you will not be disappointed. New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy is one of the few places in the world where you can view the marine wolves along with over a dozen different species of whales. The Bay of Fundy is also the home of the world’s highest tides due to the unique geography of the bay itself.

City life in New Brunswick can be compared to the most cosmopolitan in the world. You will find fine dining experiences, art exhibits and museums tucked in among the wonderful shopping centers and spas of the region.

The city of Saint John is one of the best places to enjoy shopping and the various fun related activities that city life has to offer. You can enjoy a stay in a top notch hotel in town and quickly find that there are many shopping centers within walking distance to your hotel.

Saint John is also the home to the famous Reversing Falls which run backwards as the tides come in. This is a very interesting sight to see and one you will remember for a long time.

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