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We have to admit that Bergen is our one of our favorite towns in Norway… because there is so much history there, and because the old center seems so small and manageable.

Our most personal reason is because we have good travel buddies who have a summer hutte (a summer house) on nearby Varaldsoy Island in the middle of the Hardangerfjord. That’s relative of course…. As the crow flies, it’s not far, but by narrow roads and two ferries, it’s a two hour drive. Still Bergen is the closest airport to fly into.

And what a great city. Its Norway’s second largest city, and it’s a city with a long history. It was Norway’s capital in the 12th and 13th centuries, and later it was a trading hub for the Hanseatic League. During that time it was probably the largest of all the towns in the Nordic countries because of shipping… later it was one of the four most important trading stations of the Hanseatic merchants.

If you stick to the old center, you’ll find it a completely charming city. The area in and around the harbor is attractive and easy to walk. Down one side of the waterfront you’ll find the Hanseatic Quarter which is called Bryggen. It’s the heart of the old town, and this is where you find the colorful buildings you always see in the tourist brochures. Roaming around in this part of town, you’ll really feel the history. Check out the Hanseatic Museum which is housed in a medieval merchant’s home with type furnishings representative of the era.

The wooden buildings in this quarter have burned down several times through the centuries, but they have always been rebuilt in the “old style”. The area is touristy and full of pricey little restaurants and boutiques, but it’s a fun place to stroll and cries out for you to use your camera.

The Fish Market, Torget i Bergen, is situated in the very heart of the city at the end of the harbor, but you won’t only find fish here. It’s full of vegetables, flowers and …. yikes…. even souvenirs. It’s colorful and camera friendly. For an affordable lunch buy some freshly boiled shrimp and eat on the waterfront.

For one of the best views of the city, take a ride up Mount Floyen in the Funicular… The Floybanen. You’ll only be 320 meters (1050 feet) above sea level, but you can see a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding mountains and islands. The station is 150 meters from the Fish Market. The Funicular departs every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour. Picnic up here or take in the sunset.

This city is a good starting point for the Norway in a Nutshell fjord tours… especially if you want to try and make it a day tour. There are also coastal ships that depart from here and steam north along Norway’s scenic coast.

Bring a raincoat or an umbrella. There’s more than twice as much rain here as in Oslo. Our friends on Varaldsoy tell us they’ll have to spend the winter in Florida to work on a tan.

Like all of Norway, things tend to be expensive, but with so many areas to walk and so many free views, you shouldn’t feel the pinch too much. With all of this to see and do, you really should add Bergen to your travel wish list.

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Apr 292018

Naples is a beautiful city located in southern Italy. It sits on the aptly-titled Bay of Naples. The historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Being a sea-side city, a visitor must go see the Harbor Sannazzaro, located in the Mergellina Bay. There are many sea-side attractions, such as the Villa Comunale with its Zoological Station and aquarium. One can also go up the Posillipo Hill, where you can visit its Park, where visitors can take in the whole coast.
Castel dell”Ovo is an ancient stronghold built in front of the harbor. It was built on a Roman construction. The name (translated into English is “Egg Castle”) comes from a legend that the poet Virgil buried a magic egg, which will bring bad luck to the city if broken.
There are many piazzas (or squares) to visit while in Naples. The Piazza Plebiscito is the “heart” of Naples, and the biggest piazza in the city. Here, the Royal Palace and the church of San Francesco di Paola are found. The Royal Palace was built in the eighteenth century and the church was built in the nineteenth.
In the Piazza San Domenico Maggiore is the church of the same name, with a spire dedicated to the end of the and the Palazzo Sansevero.
The Piazza Dante is dedicated to the poet Dante Alighieri, with a statue of him in the center. In this piazza are the Church of San Domenico Soriano, the convent of Santa Maria del Caravaggio and the Palace of Ruffo di Bagnara.
There are many museums, such as the St. Martin”s Museum, National Archaeological Museum, the National Ceramic Museum, the Filangieri Museum, the National Gallery.
If you wanrt to stay in Naples,we suggest you the B&B Amedeo Residence
Housed on the 1th floor of a completely renovated ancient building, B&b Amedeo Residence is a charming Bed & Breakfast residence in Naples,Italy, situated in the elegant and prestigious Chiaia district,close to the underground station of Piazza Amedeo,in the city centre.
Bed & Breakfast Amedeo Residence offers accommodation in 3 large bedrooms with independent entrance,equipped with private bathroom, heating/air conditioning, sound-proof fixtures, TV , internet Wi-Fi,kitchenette.

federico volpe

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Apr 202018

Discover the island of Cyprus – Known by many as Aphrodite`s Island, Cyprus is the spot where the goddess of love is said to have risen from the sea. The island is packed with UNESCO-listed heritage sites, sandy beaches and diverse landscape, making it an ideal holiday destination for those looking for variety. Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean to the south of Turkey and west of Lebanon. The Republic of Cyprus, as the island is officially known, is partitioned into two main sections with the northern area under Turkish control. Cyprus exhibits great diversity of landscape for a country of its size, with rocky coastline interspersed with large, sandy bays. Further inland the country has large swathes of mountainous landscape full of rugged and pine-covered peaks. In the centre of the country, the Troodos Mountains rise to over six thousand feet and in the winter this area becomes a popular ski resort. The rest of the country is lush and hilly and provides fertile conditions for the islands many food crops, such as olives and grapes.

Apart from the excellent year-round weather and fine landscapes, one of Cyprus`s main draw cards when it comes to attracting visitors is the sheer scale and variety of culture on offer. This is perhaps not surprising for a country whose history stretches back around ten thousand years. The capital, Nicosia, makes a good base from which to explore the island`s fascinating history, with some of the best excursions from here including the Royal Tombs at Tamassos and the Machairas Monastery in the hills to the south. The city itself is an interesting place to visit. It is currently divided by the `Green Line` which separates the Government-controlled south of the island from the Turkish-controlled north. Cultural highlights within Nicosia include the Cyprus Museum, St John`s Cathedral and the charming Folk Art Museum.

Limassol, the island`s second largest city, is another cultural gem and well worth spending at least a day or two. The city is the island`s main port and the centre of Cyprus`s wine production. If your visit coincides with Limassol`s annual wine festival in September do try to pay a visit and enjoy the festivities. A trip to Limassol should also be combined with a visit to Kourion, probably the most spectacularly situated of all Cyprus`s ancient sites. Kourion is now a collection of ancient ruins, including a spectacular amphitheatre and interesting archaeological dig sites.

The best beaches are found in the areas around Ayia Napa and Protaras and here you will discover idyllic coastline where delightfully warm, clear water laps gently at the sand. Water sports enthusiasts also tend to gravitate towards these areas due to the wide variety of activities on offer. Staying in one of the main beach areas is a great idea for those that want to relax and soak up the sun. It is easy to rent a car in Ayia Napa and Protaras so visitors can still explore the diversity of this beautiful country while enjoying a relaxing beach break.

Cyprus is served by two international airports, situated at Larnaca in the southeast of the island and Paphos in the west. Flights from the UK typically take around four to five hours and direct flights are available from several UK airports, including Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester. Tourism is big business in Cyprus so visitors can look forward to a wide range of accommodation options to choose from. All the major cities and beachside resorts contain a good mixture of self-catering apartments, mid-range guest houses and luxury hotels so just search online for something to suit your budget. So whether you are looking for a cultural break in Limassol or a cheap holiday in Protaras, the island of Cyprus is sure to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your family.





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Apr 052018

Considering the strong bond between Italy and the sea, why not deciding to travel along Italy by water, stopping in its main ports, from north to south, from Genoa to Naples, from Venice to Palermo, far away from busy streets? A cruise is an excellent idea to visit Italian costs and cities in a different way, alternating days at sea and breaks on land. There are many ways to explore the coast of Italy in recent years holiday destination of many celebrities but ordinary people in remote and beautiful places with the blue sea can completely disconnect from work every day and totally relax. The areas are more popular in recent years, Sicily, Sardinia, but always more environmental goals for the young and fun in general are the Adriatic coast, where the sea is wonderful, as in other places but recovers with tourist facilities, such as Oregon , Riccione and Forte dei Marmi Tuscan coast in the first place. The sea is still an essential element for Italy, just dwell on the various dishes of traditional cuisine like the Tuscan caciucco, a fish soup and the Sicilian cous cous with fish, that is also a typical dish of the Arabian cuisine.

An inconvenient of cruises might be that, once you land in a port, you have little time to reach the art cities nearby, risking not to totally enjoy the beauties of these cities. Often cruise companies organise group tours for their passengers using buses. However, group tours can cause some problems, from slowdowns in transfers time and in entering museums to a schedule of visits that, unavoidably, cannot satisfy everyone. To avoid these problems you can refer to the companies that organise shore excursions: this is a service of car with private chauffeur that takes tourists from the port to the city centre. If you land in Livorno, for example, your chauffeur can take you to Florence or Pisa; if your ship docks in Civitavecchia, in a little time you can reach Rome; the port of Naples is the ideal departure point to visit not only Naples, but also Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano.

The advantage of having a private chauffeur is that you can decide the hour of arrival of your chauffeur, and when he has to take you back to the port, without depending on the needs of other passengers, and most important you can decide the places, the museums and the monuments you want to visit, avoiding the group visits that might not focus on the sites you are most interested in and that are sometimes too quick to make you enjoy the whole of what you are visiting.

Written by Martina Celegato with support from Prestigerent

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Perhaps you are looking to restore a charming Italian farmhouse villa and re-sell it. Or maybe you are contemplating buying an oceanview apartment that you can enjoy during the summer months. Or you could be interested in an ultra-chich loft in an Italian city.

Whatever your interests, you have made the decision to buy a house in Italy, ready to enjoy the quality of life in Italy. As a foreign expatriate you have looked at all the complex bureaucratic Italian regulations relating to property purchase. Now comes the most important step as an investor: choosing a profitable investment in Italy. Where to look?

Cheap, affordable Italian villas are discounted and available all over the country, as are foreclosures and pre-foreclosures. Thankfully the credit crunch hasn’t affected the Italian housing as badly as Spain, for instance, and the market should pick up over the next little while.

Northern Italy Piedmont, Valle D’Aosta, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna

The north is cosmopolitan, more international, culturally open, hip, chic and close and well-connected to the rest of Europe. Homes around the Italian lakes (especially Como, Garda, Maggiore) are quite picturesque lovely and lucrative. Property is restricted around the lakes, so property values there are on the rise. Liguria offers stunning cliffs, but beaches there are rocky, not sandy. Property is naturally more expensive in northern Italy, as is the standard of living. If you like mountains, Aosta is sparsely populated and cheap. the region is a mix of French, Italian and German influences.

Central Italy Tuscany, Umbria, Le Marche, Lazio, Abbruzzo, Molise

Italy’s centre combines north and south and is the destination of choice by many expatriates. The culture and attractions of central Italy make central Italy a busy destination, full of tourists. The cost of living is as nearly as expensive as the north, but the landscape and countryside are picturesque and calmer. Tuscany is considered by many to be the most beautiful and culturally rich region of Italy. Because of the influx of tourists, the resale value here on homes is high, and the warm, balmy temperatures and beautiful atmosphere combined with the infrastructure connect north and south. The best of both worlds.

Southern Italy Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily, Sardegna

The south’s (particularity Calabria and Puglia) is still Italy’s undiscovered jewel remains overlooked by many tourists. Italians make a mad dash for the sea (namely Sicily and Sardegna) in the south of Italy during the summer months. More isolated than the centre or north, homes in sunny southern Italy are significantly cheaper and more affordable. A significant disparity exists between negotiated and listed prices, so there is room for leeway and negotiating good deals. While the south is still lagging behind the north in terms of economic development, seaside housing development is restricted, so property values along the coasts are expected to rise. The south’s richness is in its natural environment, not in its nightlife. The south is a good choice for an inexpensive Italian summer villa but is further removed from the rest of Europe.

Property listings may be difficult to find when you are residing overseas. If you are still looking for property bargains in Italy and inexpensive homes, along with buying do’s and don’ts check out Buying Property in Italy to find out where to find cheap Italian homes for pennies on the dollar.

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Jan 112018

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that has been attracting visitors from all parts of the globe. Sailing in Greece offers its tourists a great opportunity to uncover the natural hidden beauty of Greece and the Greek Islands. You can charter a yacht in order to experience the luxury of the crystal blue waters of the Greece and explore hidden coves and secluded beaches on remote Greek islands. There is no better way to experience the outstanding beauty of the Greek archipelago than by renting a charter yacht in Greece. By boarding this vessel, you will be able to enjoy unprecedented beauty of network of natural trails, marvelous beaches, gorges, and a peaceful tranquility of rural island life.


So, if you are seriously thinking of chartering a yacht during your upcoming holiday break in the Mediterranean, then its of supreme importance that you are aware of the essential guidelines, and choose the right charter agent or broker, who will ensure you best service! Using a charter broker will offer you security and maximum assurance that you will have a memorable, enjoyable, cruising experience. You can enjoy the enthralling and soothing aspects of the experience, cruising through the Greek islands on a mega yacht charter in Greece. If you are thinking only rich and famous can opt for this marvelous sailing experience, then you need to do away with your misconception as even you can have the lifestyle like them even if it’s only for a week or two. The type of yacht you choose depends on what you want, a luxury motor yacht in Greece offers more space, privacy, luxury and comfort. You can take the help of a good yacht charter company in Greece that can help you plan your sailing holiday, where you can choose your own custom itinerary and select the right type of yacht for your great sailing vacation in Greece. With fascinating archaeological sites, great nightlife, secluded anchorages and great food, you can pamper and relax yourself when it comes to things to do and see while cruising the Greek islands.


Sailing a charter yacht in Greece can make your vacations an enjoyable experience. Choosing the right yacht can turn a good experience into a great one!

Author is specializing in Cruising the Greek islands. He has written many articles on Mega Yacht Charter in Greece and all about luxury motor yachts in Greece.

Dec 302017

If you are looking for a fantastic destination for your next vacation that will combine top notch leisure opportunities, ancient archeological excavations and explorations, as well as world class winter sports then Delphi, Greece is where you should go. Nestled in the heart of the Grecian countryside, about an hour outside of Athens, is the quaint town of Delphi. Delphi has some of the greatest ancient history of any city on earth. Housed within her borders are some of the most important, influential, and recognizable symbols of ancient Greece that are known today. Combine that history with world class leisure and winter sporting activities and you have the recipe for a vacation destination unlike any other.

When you first come to visit the city there are a few places of ancient history that you absolutely have to see. First, you have to go visit the Delphi Ruins. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site this location will guarantee you a peek back into history and help you rediscover some of the beauty and majesty that was ancient Greece. You should then go visit Osios Lukas. This is an ancient monastery that is comprised of a few building located on a rolling hillside right outside the city of Delphi. You will also want to visit the Delphi Museum. Inside the museum are some of the ancient artifacts that have been discovered from various archeological digs across the cit and surrounding areas. You also must visit the ancient temple of Apollo and visit the Oracle within. In Ancient Greece millions of people from around the world would come to Delphi to have their fortunes told by the Oracle. You can still make this magical journey back in time and visit the same location that has fascinated people around the world for hundreds of years.

Once you have exhausted yourself by visiting all of the ancient historical sites that the city has to offer you will want to partake in many of the winter sports in Delphi Greece. You may not automatically think of Greece as a large tourist attraction for winter sports but within the borders of Delphi, Greece lies one of the most fantastic ski resorts in the world and the largest winter sports center in Greece. The Parnassos Center is located on the Parnassos Mountain range just a short drive outside of Delphi. There are two main sites where you can begin your skiing adventure and both of them end up in Toumborachi. There are numerous skiing routes, and ski lifts that will keep you occupied for days. There are also skiing trails for any level of skier from beginner to expert. You can find a ski slope that fits your personal taste in Delphi, Greece.

At the base of the Parnassos Mountain range and located adjacent to the Parnassos Center is the Pappos-Baloumis ski school. This world-class ski instruction school will assist you with all of your equipment needs as well as provide instruction for beginning or advanced level skiers. If you are just starting out or would like to perfect your skills before you hit the slopes you will want to check out the Pappos-Baloumis Ski School. This school also offers guided tours throughout the ski resort that will give you a chance to ski the best of what the Parnassos Mountain range has to offer while relying on an experienced guide to do the navigating.

If you are not into skiing or not physically able to ski there are still other winter sport activities that can keep you occupied while on holiday in Delphi. You can rent ice skates and skate at one of several ice skating rinks around the city. You could also rent a snowmobile at the Parnassos Mountain range and go for a guided motorized tour of the mountain range with a experienced guide. This tour is recommended for visitors of any age as it will allow you to get a glimpse of the majesty of the mountains and reach otherwise inaccessible areas through the ease of riding a motorized snow mobile. This is the recommended tour for those who have physical limitations that do not allow them to ski or ice skate. Another great winter activity that you can participate in is a sleigh ride. All around the city are sleigh ride carriages that can be rented. You can rent them for a short jaunt through the city or for an entire day trip into the surrounding mountain ranges. They will even provide hot beverages and a hot meal if you trip is long enough. There truly is something for everyone in Delphi, Greece.

While having the opportunity to explore some of the wonders of the ancient world, participate in world class winter sporting events, and see some beautiful countryside, you will also be treated to the ultimate in leisure experiences. Delphi, Greece offers top rated hotels that specialize in catering to wealthy individuals who expect nothing but the finest treatment. The concierge staff at your hotel will be able to guide and direct you to some of the finest restaurants in the city, plan all of your attractions for you, and make any reservations for you that you require. Delhi is home to word class restaurants and world-class service. They are also known for their exquisite Spa treatments.

Whether this is your honeymoon, anniversary, family vacation, or first trip around the world, Delphi, Greece has something to offer you. We encourage you to give us a try and we promise you that you will not be disappointed!

Nick Nikolis is writing about Self help, Business, Hospitality Industry and destinations. Visiting Delphi Greece? Find here Delphi Hotels Greece, and Delphi Greece.

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Dec 212017

Whether you are traveling to Prague Czech Republic for business or pleasure, you will want to make sure that you are getting the very best accommodations that you can find. While it would be nice to make sure that you are booking your reservations in advance, it is not always something that you are going to be able to do. This could be for a variety of reasons. One reason might be that you really were not given much in the way of an advance notice. Some might think that it would be near impossible to find last minute accommodations but it really is possible. You just have to look in all of the right places.

The best thing to do would be to book your holiday apartment online. This way, you will be able to snag up the last minute deals that no one else knows about. As things change and rooms free up, the online listings are automatically updated which will ensure that you are going to get the best deal possible. When you book a Prague Czech Republic holiday apartment online, you will find that there are actually a lot of options out there. You will want to make sure that you are looking through as many of those options as possible in order to make sure that you are getting the best price. Even though you are booking your reservations at the last minute, you would be surprised at what deals you can find.
Also, if you are looking for apartments in Prague Czech Republic, you are going to save a lot of money on other things as well. For example, you will not have to eat out for every meal or order room service. With the holiday apartment, you will find that you will be able to cook some meals of your own. This will save you an incredible amount of money. Now, you might think that for such a luxury, you will end up having to pay more to book holiday apartment online. However, it usually turns out that the hotels are the pricier places to stay.

Once you make your way to Prague Czech Republic, you will find that there are so many wonderful things to do and see that hurrying up and finding the perfect holiday apartment in a rush no longer bothers you. It is a great place to visit, even if you are there on a business venture. Surely you can find a little time to sneak away to explore all that is Prague. You will not be disappointed. For your next vacation to Prague Czech Republic, you will find that booking your holiday apartment online is still the right way to make all of your plans.

Prague is the most famous city in Europe, enjoy your stay by booking one of the most comfortable holiday apartments Prague, appartement Praag, appartamenti Praga

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Dec 092017

Abetone is major Appenine ski location located in the province of Pistoia, in Tuscany, Italy. It is approximately 80 kilometres Northwest of Florence and around 49 kilometres Northwest of Pistoia. The name Abetone means ‘large fir’ in Italian. The  ski resort of Abetone is home to  51 kilometres of downhill slope skiing, in addition with 41 individual pistes, which can be accessible by its 22 lifts. The slopes of the resort spans out between the four interconnected valleys of Valle dello Scoltenna, Val di Luce, Valle di Lima and  Valle del Sestalone. These slopes constitute one of the most awesome, renowned and and scenic view of the Apennines. The pistes at Abetone will pose a great challenge, reaching at 1,800 metres, on a clear powder day.

Transportation going to Abetone is moderately accessible. There are also a few airports near the ski resort from which you can start your travel. From Pisa airport, you can access the motorway on going to Casa Marginetta, and from there, you can travel for another hour through  a clear main road to go to Abetone. On the other hand, travel time from Venice airport going to the resort would take about three hours depending on weather and road conditions. From Florence airport, the trip would last for less than two hours. From Bologna airport, you would have to make a 70-kilometre drive before you can arrive to Abetone.

There are also various ways to get to the skiing destination. The nearest rail station to Abetone is Pracchia. Bus services are also available to transport you there if you are from Pistoia, Pisa, Florence, Modena or Luca. Rental cars, taxis and ski transfer companies, whether shared or private vehicles are also very much available from any of the airports mentioned.

The attractiveness and appeal of Abetone not only relies on its panoramic view or white-covered mountains but also in its friendly accommodations and facilities. If you are a new visitor travelling to the resort, you need to book your air trip, ski transfer, and lodgings in advance. This is the best thing to do when engaging in any ski holiday. Travelling in groups than individually can also save you money because transportations and accommodations usually come in cheap packages available for multiple visitors. If your budget could allow, you can rent a private car rather than take public transportations so that it would be more convenient for you with all the bulky gears being carried.

The author researches on ski travel and ski transfers including resort information and ski transfer destinations

Dec 062017

by Tilcor

Political in-fighting within leadership and between leadership and opposition in Ukraine has become a serious problem and taken a lot of time. Ukraine needs a solution to control the situation. This is a joint political effort, not only a presidential and prime minesterial effort, but an effort by the Verkhovna Rada. as well. It is essential to apply some changes to take a grip on a situation that can accelerate into a recession convulsing Ukraine.


Ukraine politicians should reach a political compromise in tackling the crisis and restoring economic growth. A crisis not created by politicians in Ukraine, but to be worse, unless all the politicians in Verkhovna Rada do not take responsibility to reach a consensus. There is no time to wait for the presidential election, which will make Ukraine go into a head spin of turmoil.


Ukraine is likely to be hit by a deep recession during 2009 and not attending to this issue now and wait for new political leadership is not an option taking into account external misbalances and the absence of access to the capital markets.


The Ukrainian anti-crisis plan must have four key elements.


A proper and gradual implementation of macroeconomic policies in line with the IMF-supported stand-by program
Reorient the budget expenditures towards investments in state infrastructure, which will create growth and support the real estate sector and employment
Allocate funds to protect the poor and vulnerable strata of population.
Protect depositors and revive the banking sector and reforms by facilitate access to the market and attract private investors.

To ensure implementation of these strategies and goals there is a need to combine all of these elements to strengthen each other. Politically there has to be a collaborative effort where there is a close cooperation between the government, the president and the National Bank of Ukraine, with the support from the Verkhovna Rada representatives, regardless of political background.


He has a background as civil engineer and geoscientist. He has worked mainly within the oil and gas industry from the mid 1980s. He has written a few fictional novels as well as being the author of some professional litterature within oil and gas sector, he is now an editor of some web sites.