May 052018

The enormous monolith and World Heritage Site of Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, fascinates and inspires people from around the world with its glowing presence at sunrise and sunset. The Uluru and Kata Tjuta you see today are the remains of erosion that began around 500 million years ago. Both formations are but visible tips of enormous slabs of rock that extend as far as six kilometres into the ground.

Archaeological work suggests that Aboriginal people have lived in the area for at least 22,000 years. The Anangu people are Uluru’s traditional custodians but until recently, the famous monolith was known as Ayers Rock, named after former premier Sir Henry Ayers by European explorer William Gosse, who first sighted the rock in 1873. Uluru was returned to the care and ownership of the Anangu in 1985 and they now jointly manage the national park with Parks Australia.

Due to it’s sacred history, it is important as a responsible traveller to consider the local history, people and customs of Ayers Rock.

You can help support the Uluru-Kata Tjuta region and the rich indigenous culture whilst learning about the area from an Aboriginal perspective, by visiting Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre, buying local art or joining a tour with a local Aboriginal guide.

The main travel tip is that the Anangu people prefer visitors don’t climb Uluru because it’s a sacred site. So nowadays many visitors choose to do the 9.4 km Uluru base walk instead and I strongly recommend the full walk, as it really is a wonderful place to visit and spend time. The Ayers Rock walk is divided into sections, or visitors can choose to walk the entire circumference. It begins at the base of the climb and three to four hours should be allowed to complete it.

The unsealed Mereenie Loop is recognised as one the greatest desert drives in Australia. Connecting Alice Springs with Watarrka National Park and Uluru-Kata Tjuta via a stretch of dirt track that ploughs through the West MacDonnell Ranges, it’s an interesting alternative to the Explorer’s Way. Final tip, Australia can throw up tough travel conditions at times and to use a local travel expert or travel operator is always recommended.

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May 022018

Summer will be here before we know it, and families will be planning their vacations. To some, this can be a frightening experience; the hassle of booking trips, reservations, renting a car or making flight plans. Don’t let all of the things you have seen in the movies scare you and your family out of your dream vacation.

There are a few things you can do to make that trip on the road or in the air a little more bearable. Here are a few ideas to keep your sanity while you are traveling to your dream destination.

If you have children, whether they are toddlers or teen-agers, there are a few necessities that you must bring to make the trip pleasant for everyone.

If you are traveling with a teen, you know how important it is for them to have their cell phones. A cell phone is a teen’s life line. Make sure to pack the wall charger and the car charger. You may want to slip a pair of ear buds into your bag, just incase your teen’s phone is capable of playing music, this way you don’t have to listen to their music.

If you are going to be traveling with toddlers, be sure to pack their favorite blanket. If you have a pre-teen, don’t forget their favorite hand held game, like a game boy or play station. Long road trips get boring and these awesome little devices will keep them busy and occupied while you are concentrating on the road.

If your trip is going to take several hours, plan a road side park picnic. Pack your families favorite sandwich meat, chips and some bread. Throw some snacks in the front seat for snacking on while driving. This will keep everyone happy until you reach your destination.

If you are going to be staying in a hotel, be sure you pick a place that is “kid friendly.” Many hotels are more kid friendly than others. Research your choices before booking. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have programs available for kids.

After you have decided on your destination, let your children be involved in some planning. Ask them what they would like to do. You can also let them choose a place to eat or even give them a choice of which room they prefer. This keeps your family happy and lets the kiddo’s know that this vacation is for them too.

If your destination involves a state park, be sure to check the calendar. Many state parks are booked months in advance. Make sure there will be a place for your family.

Don’t be afraid to use a travel agent to plan your family’s vacation. A travel agent can save a lot of stress and time. They will know which airlines are kid friendly, what seats would be comfortable for your family and they will know whether or not you and your family will need vaccinations and passports for your destination. was created to help buyers interested in moving to Fort Worth. They have a blog covering Fort Worth real estate.

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Apr 292018

Singapore is a small country in size but an economic giant especially in South East Asia. Singapore is situated at the south tip of Malaysia, just one degree north of the equator.

The city is a blend with the culture and religions of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European. The four main religions are celebrated by the different ethnicity and the auspicious day like Muslim celebrating the end of Ramadan, Vesak day for the Buddhist, the festival of lights celebrated by Hindus, Christmas and Easter for the Christians, New Year Day and the Lunar New Year celebrated by the Chinese are officially public holiday for all. Food is a passion to many and a very much talk about topic amongst the locals due to the wide selections of multi ethnic food and European cuisines.

Though it is relatively easy to travel in Singapore, it is always good to find out some useful travel information before you begin your trip. Here are some useful travel tips for Singapore:

Visas for Singapore All travellers to Singapore are required to go through immigration clearance upon their arrival into the country. The granting of social visit passes to visitors is determined by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at the point of entry. Visitors must satisfy the following basic entry requirements before they are allowed to enter Singapore:

A passport with at least 6 months validity
Valid Singapore visa, if applicable
Sufficient funds to last for the intended period of stay in Singapore
Confirmed onward/return tickets (where applicable)
Entry facilities to their onward destinations, e.g. visas.
Completed Disembarkation/Embarkation Card
Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, if applicable

Electricity connection

Visitors to Singapore must check if their electrical appliances can handle the voltage of 220-240 volts AC, 50Hz. The power plugs used in Singapore are of the three-pin, square-shaped type. If your electrical device does not accept the voltage and the appliance plug shape is different, you will need a voltage converter and a plug adapter. However, most hotels in Singapore will provide transformers to visitors with electrical appliances of a different voltage when requested.

Sales tax refunds in Singapore The Goods and Service tax in Singapore is 5%. To qualify for sales tax refunds, you need to have a minimum purchase amount ranging between SGD$ 300 to SGD$ 500. To claim your GST refunds, pack the items in hand luggage, and present the item(s) and the receipt at the Global Refund Services after immigration and security when leaving Singapore. Also allow an extra 15 minutes before departure. The refund payment can be made by cash, credit card payment or cheque. A small handling fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Get more tips for travel to Singapore at Holiday Essentials.

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Apr 262018

These days, there are many rules regarding the things that can or cannot be carried in the airplane, especially during international travel. If you are aware of the rules, you can have a better experience at the airport, and save some time in the security lines.

A Few Useful International Airport Travel Tips

Before going to the airport, do not bring or pack the prohibited items. If you are carrying any valuables-a laptop, cash, jewelry-keep them in your carry-on luggage. Tape a business card, or a postcard with your information on it, to the bottom of your laptop. Make your reservations early with a reliable dealer, that is one of the best international airport travel tips I can give you. Write down your confirmation number and the information about your taxi driver. If you plan to use the local transport, make sure that you are aware of the pick-up and drop points.

An important international airport travel tip is to keep the government-issues photo ID and boarding pass available till you exit the security checkpoint. You may need to display these documents many times because of all of the different regulations.

A useful international airport travel tip is to place your mobile phone, keys, PDA, large belt buckles, money clips, jewelry and loose change in your carry-on baggage before entering the screening checkpoint.

An important international airport travel tip is to find out the airport rules in your destination country. If you look online you can find this information for many countries. Before you begin your journey, a useful international airport travel tip is to take care of any special needs such as wheelchair, people traveling with pets or kids traveling alone. Find out how airport is going to meet these needs.Using an online check in tool before you leave for the airport can help you avoid long lines.

Another international airport travel tip is to call up the airlines, and find out if your flight is on time. There are many factors that can delay the flight such as weather, a terror threat and so on. Leave extra early for your flight, but not before you have called and confirmed your flight time. It is a good idea to prepare an emergency airport survival kit that may include eye shade, bottle water, ear plugs, books, magazines, disinfectant wipes, personal music device, snacks, pen, post-its, a small pillow, toilet and tissue paper, some common medicines, camera, and a power bar.

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Apr 232018

So you have decided that it is time for you to hang your boots for a couple of weeks and take the plunge. I mean take a trip somewhere with your family. Rather, take a trip to some other exotic country and cool your heels off. What are the preparations you need to make such a travel or trip successful? Here are some quick tips:

1. Geo political basics of your destination:

Location and Demographics: The first thing you have to do for any international travel is to know more and more about the place you are scheduled to visit. Where is it located.? Which are the major states/provinces?
Political : What kind of a government does it have. Does it have a monarchy ( Brunei) or a democratic (India) or communist government (Cuba).Does it recognize human rights? Is the country part of UN? Is it a religious state especially an Islamic country (Saudi Arabia)? Does the country have political instability (Pakistan or Iran)?

Society : is it socially safe? Does it have ethnic/religious discord amongst its people like Iraq or Myanmar or Indonesia? Is it safe for tourists where Afghanistan is not? And if you are a westerner, check it twice.

2. Climatic conditions:

Try to learn about the climatic conditions prevailing during the time of visit. Colder climates would mean packing your luggage with more woolen and warm clothing. Warmer or seaside climate means mostly Tees and light coloured clothing. In case you are travelling to the middle east , pack some sun screen lotion too. So it is imperative that you know the expected climate and temperatures for that location.

3. Culture and Society :

Some countries have very orthodox cultures and expects to impose the same to all citizens and residents or even travelers who come to their country. The best example of this would be Saudi Arabia. They do not tolerate any deterrence from the rules and cultures they have and would like you to observe while on their soil. Women must be fully covered from top of their heads to toes. No movies or liquor anywhere in their country. Violation brings strict punishment even leading to public beheading. Some other countries which though they have orthodox cultures are not of an imposing nature. An example is Japan which has very conservative and strict way of life but they do not impose it upon foreigner or travelers. So before you embark on your trip it is very essential to know the cultures and the practices of the society of the country that you would be visiting.

4. Language :

Try to know the main language or languages that are spoken and the areas where they are spoken. In many countries it is usually one or two languages which are spoken and a little idea of one of them would sail you through. You would find that in almost all British colonies English would be fine, so would be French for French colonies. In most south American countries Latin or Spanish would do the trick. But in some countries, there are a lot of languages spoken and it changes with every sate province you travel A fine example is India which has about 17 popular languages along with Hindi which is their national language and about 53 dialects. So for most countries, you can keep a language /translation book handy and it is better to know the basic questions and the basic cordialities.

5. Food habits :

Learn the basic food habits of your destination country. In most countries sandwiches and juice/milk/cereals are available for your basic nourishment. Learn about the cooking techniques used. Countries in the far east would predominantly be light cooked food with steamed food being more popular. China has a history of serving snakes and scorpions as delicacies. The orientals are also heard of serving monkey brains too. India serves one of the regions most spicy food of the world, and so does Mexico. Middle east serves grilled and smoked food.Russia serves vodka during daytime. Italians serves wine for lunches. So it is always better to know the local food habits. Identify some local food which might be fine with you or you would like to taste while in your visit. Keep some basic digestive pills handy before you do so. And always drink safe bottled water when you are a foreigner.

6. Logistics:

Zooming on to the location of travel , it is always better to know the common modes of travel available in the region. Can you rent a car there? Is the driving licence you have recognized in that particular country? How far would you need to travel for sight seeing? Where is the closest airport terminal or the local rail station? Does it have public transport? Is it safe for tourists to avail them? What are the chances of getting mugged or pick pocketed in the streets? My advice is don’t take your chances when a foreign country and play it safe.

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Apr 202018

If you are planning to travel to Mexico, then this article may be useful for you. It will give you some good tips to have a perfect trip.


1) Research your destination, but DON’T over plan

It is always good to know what your options are while you’re there, and if there are any particular concerns and security issues related to your destination. Part of the fun of travel is letting things loose and unfold and being open to opportunities that come up.


2) Practice general safety precautions

As a tourist always be aware of thieves and pickpockets. Always be aware of your belongings and you loved ones, don’t trust anyone and don’t at any point share all the details of your travel plan.

3) Learn a few phrases in Spanish before you go

It is good to know some Spanish phrases like Gracias (Thank you), Por favor (Please) and in resort areas you’ll find most people speak at least some English. Always be prepared! Learn a few essential phrases in advance.

4) DO not drink water from the tap

Check for a sign in your hotel proclaiming that the tap water is purified, until then don’t drink it. Buy bottled purified and mineral water to drink – it’s available on virtually every street corner and inexpensive and safe. Most hotels and resorts provide bottles of water for your consumption in the hotel.

5) Use sunscreen

Sunburn early in your trip can make you trip uncomfortable for the duration. Sun is usually very strong in Mexico, so it is advised to use sunscreen on any exposed skin, even if you’re not on the beach. It is said that, you can get a sun burn even on an overcast day.


6) Beware of scams

In beach resort areas there are chances that you may be approached with offers of attending a timeshare presentation. Some of these are legitimate (genuine) and others are not. Unless you are really interested in a genuine timeshare, skip the free meal or excursion offered along with a timeshare presentation. It is always to know everything before you commit to anything, so think twice before committing whatever be the offer.


7) Keep the open mind of a traveler explorer and go with the flow

Try new things; make sure that it is safe before you go for it. Explore all must visit places, do some adventurous stuff as well you will remember it for a long time and you will surely enjoy it.

Enjoy your time there and have a good trip to remember.


Frank Canfield is an educator and reviewer. See Frank’s top three Spanish Online picks at:

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Apr 172018

There are many who like to have that extra pillow and that nice comfortable seat on the plane. There are many who prefer having the extra attention from the stewardess. Traveling in style, is it worth it? When you look at the price of a first class ticket you can’t but wonder why so much? There are many benefits to flying first class but the question still remains, “Is it worth it?” Here are some of the benefits of flying first class air:

1. Meals are fresh and hot– For the people who like to a nice hot towel before they eat, dinning first class is for you. The benefit of having the first class meal is that you get unlimited drinks brought to you. Instead of those airline peanuts, you get served fresh cashews. And for desert you get a cake or pie instead of a little candy bar. Eating first class makes the flight less like a chore.

2. Wider Space and no middle seats– Ever get tired of climbing over people when you have to use the bathroom or having that kid next to you scream for attention, in first class you have your own chair and have a wider area to relax in. Feel like you want to sleep, kick back and relax without the interruption of someone have to go to the bathroom or walk around. The annoyance of such things can really hinder you flight experience. The good thing of flying first class is that passengers get headphones for movies instead of having the movie broadcasted without.

3. First to get off– You get first chance at the baggage claim when you fly first class. For businessmen who are in a hurry, this is a good idea. First class passengers are the first to leave the plane and escape the crowding of the other passengers. This is always a good thing when you need to get somewhere quickly.

If you feel that all these benefits will benefit you during flight, paying that extra money may be in your favor. Traveling in style is a good thing if it is worth it to you. You are going to have to fly so you are going to have to be comfortable. When you are happy and have a good flight, you are relaxed. Less stress of traveling is the main goal. With first class air, you can have a stress free flight and not have to worry about any kid kicking the back of your seat.

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Apr 142018

by ekai

Talking of haunted Pennsylvania there are a lot of bits and pieces lying all about this state that are extremely eerie and good enough to send a shiver down your spine with the sheer details of the haunting activities. To start with the list of some of the places that makes Pennsylvania be termed as “Haunted Pennsylvania, we would commence the journey with the tale of the House on the King Street.

Situated in York, Pennsylvania, a little family of four used to reside in this house and unfortunately all of them were brutally killed to death in the same house.

Since then all the family members are said to haunt the house. People have reported of hearing footsteps originating from the attic in spite the attic being entirely blocked off. The cabinets in the house tend to close and open all on their own and the doors slam suddenly.

Passers by say that they have seen lights flashing on and off. They often notice a little boy of around 7 years appearing in various rooms in the house who instantly vanishes away into thin air as soon as someone says anything.

Next in our discussion of Haunted Pennsylvania comes the case of the Loucks Mills Road. This house is to be found in Ulysses, Pennsylvania and is supposedly haunted by numerous ghosts.

Purportedly, these ghosts have a problem with people sleeping. They don’t want anyone to sleep and hence tend to create bizarre activities in the deep hours of the night. It is held that in the heart of the night, the bedspread and the blankets and the sheets inexplicably start hovering on top of the bed.

Next, we would like to mention the Resurrection Cemetery. The cemetery is to be found in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. During the 1940s a young woman used to live across the street from this cemetery.

Soon she contracted tuberculosis, succumbed to the disease and was buried in the same cemetery wearing a white party gown. Thereon people started reporting of having seen a dazzling, illuminating apparition of a young girl in the dead hours of dark nights walking all along the side of the road.

People say that if someone stops she asks for a lift explaining that she’s got lost but as soon as the car passes the property line of the cemetery the girl vanishes into thin air. No wonder this is yet another of the places that makes PA “Haunted Pennsylvania”.

Another element evidently contributing to the idea of Haunted Pennsylvania is that of the Crying Toddler. This incident comes from Towanda, Pennsylvania. There is a small house on the way to Towanda which is said to be haunted by many ghosts.

Often people who come to leave in this neighborhood tend to leave within just a few weeks. People reported of having seen an elderly man walking down to an out house while a middle aged woman is seen hanging clothes in the sun.

One particular couple even reported of having heard their little son telling someone that he doesn’t want to play anymore and then saw him running out of the room crying as his friend got him spitted in the eye and hit in the face by his toy kangaroo.

Well with so many eerie stories flying around in the air PA is truly ‘Haunted Pennsylvania’.

Zebadiah Hunter is an avid researcher of the most haunted places in PA. He reveals his favorite haunted place in PA because the location is nestled in the heart of Amish Country in Lancaster County. This haunted attraction features a haunted house, haunted hayrides, the barn of terror and more. Visit the most haunted place in PA at to discover what terrors await you!

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Apr 112018

It is not unusual for travelers to shop when they are in their destination. If you are in a country where prices for goods and other commodities are quite cheap, you would want to hoard a lot of stuff. You are tempted to buy more than necessary. Moreover, people cannot help but buy things they do not have in their own country.

As a result of this shopping spree, the usual light weight of the bag turns heavier. If it is any consolation, you are heading home already and carrying a heavier baggage is better after a good vacation.

But still, you would want to carry your luggage easily. Here are some tips you should consider:

1. When buying your luggage, do not just buy the size that can fit the items you are bringing with you. Also allot some space for the things you are going to purchase there. You can also purchase an extra bag when you are in your destination just in case you have shopped a lot.

If you don’t know how much stuff you are going to bring back, choose expandable types of luggage. You can unzip some parts for extra space. This will give your bag more space for your shopped goods.

2. Also measure weight of the bag without the contents. The materials have to be durable but lightweight. Choose those with durable hooded casters. Casters made from cheap plastic cannot roll easily. You might end up carrying or dragging your bag. Invest in a good luggage with a good quality.

3. Pack lightly. Remind yourself that you might end up buying stuff where you are going and you need the extra space inside your bag. Bring only one pair of shoes and make sure it is comfortable enough. Plan your outfit so you do not end up bringing more clothes. Transfer the contents of big bath products to small travel sizes so they can easily fit in your bag. Strategize packing so that you’ll have more space.

4. When shopping, consider the products you are buying. If you can buy those items in your country, you might as well save the space in your bag for other rare or inaccessible products.

5. Before going to the airport and going back home, measure the weight of your luggage again just in case you have exceeded the weight limit. You might have to spend a bit more on excess weight of checked luggage.

You should choose luggage sets with durable parts and attractive features like Portland luggage. If you are ready to learn more buying tips, check out

Apr 082018

Look into the site’s history, culture, natural environment, customs, legends, advisory notices and more. UNESCO’s World Heritage Center or Wiki Travel is a great starting point.


Buy your vacation package from a business you have confidence in. Ask family and friends to recommend a company with a good track record. Think twice if you can’t get a person on the phone to answer your questions or if the ad doesn’t give the company’s street address. Contact the state Attorney General, consumer protection agency and Better Business Bureau where you live and where the company is based to see if there is a history of complaints on file.


Learn a few words in the local language. Making an effort to speak the local language allows you to interact with the people who know the site best. People appreciate your efforts and your interest in learning. Simple words like “Hello,” “Please” and “Thank you” can go a long way.



While Traveling Engage in local culture. The saying, “While in Rome do as the Romans” still applies today. Your trip provides a unique opportunity to explore a new culture and to see the world through a different perspective. Remember that eating local foods, shopping in local markets, and attending local festivals are all part of experiencing the culture. Hire local guides. Enrich your experience by choosing local guides who are knowledgeable about the destination. Ask local tour operators and hotels for good recommendations.



Get the details of your vacation in writing. Get a copy of the company’s cancellation and refund policies, and ask “What if…?” Consider whether some form of travel cancellation insurance may be appropriate. Use a credit card to make your purchase. If you don’t get what you paid for, you may be able to dispute the charges with your credit card company. However, don’t give your account number to any business until you’ve verified that it is reputable.


To enrich the experience take a InternationalSIM Card, a local service here in US at the wholesale rates to save up-to 85% on international roaming. International SIM Cardincludes FREE incoming calls with service across International plus lowest call charges back to US.



Don’t have a Unlocked Cell , struck with your present US carrier rent a International – compatible cell phone from RebelFone, renting a International Cell Phoneat $ 1 a day.