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Proudly located at the southern most point of Africa where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans collide is South Africa’s mother city, Cape Town. It’s South Africa’s first and foremost holiday location that sees roughly around 70% of people from the United Kingdom making Cape Town an important part of their getaway plans.

Cape Town is South Africa’s most well-known city and gives people superb shopping arcades, going out to restaurants and many other interesting attractions all beneath the background of the famous Table Mountain. The V&A Waterfront is the best area for a little retail therapy just before discovering a place to eat where you could sit outside and watch the world pass by all year round.

Interesting attractions in Cape Town include things like the Two Oceans aquarium, a craft market or you may prefer to relax and watch the local artists perform at the amphitheatre. Robben Island was the penitentiary where Nelson Mandela spent a number of years and it is open to people who can arrive by a quick boat trip.

Cape Point has claimed a great number of shipwrecks over time and it is worth travelling to the site that is at the very tip of Africa. The trip over Chapman’s Peak is as striking as the scene from Cape Point with its hairpin twists and turns and steep cliffs.

In addition to discovering countless activities to do in Cape Town, it’s also the ideal starting point to experience the neighbouring area of the Western Cape. The winelands of Paarl, Franshoek and Stellenbosch are a favourite with both self drive and escorted trips. Somewhere between July and October, the town of Hermanus is known to be undoubtedly one of the leading areas across the world where you are able to whale watch from the coast.

The amazing surroundings of Cape Town makes it a perfect location to spend your getaway for individuals looking for adventure, amusement or relaxation. A extensive range of accommodation is available to match all budgets.

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May 022018

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Have you ever wanted to experience the charm of flamboyant nature scenes, Africa’s wild nature and a thrilling safari? So, it’s the time make this wish come true with South African wildlife safari. With 11 different languages spoken, South Africa is a great land of diversity and the diverse nature of this continent will enrich your traveling experience.

Getting started:

The bed and traditional breakfasts of South Africa are quite popular among the overseas visitors. If you stay there in a Lodge, you will encounter the local people and also will get the opportunity to interact with them, which is after all a great way to know more about the land.

National parks – The real zing of adventure

Enjoy the wildlife adventure of Africa with a number of national parks situated here. Don’t forget to visit The Kruger National Park where every year thousands of people from all around the world visit to see the Big 5 Game. While staying there you can go out with your safari for an outing, where you will come to experience some amazing natural beauties of South Africa.

Cape Town – Enjoy dynamism of a city life:

If you enjoy traveling energetic cities then Cape Town is for you with platter of choices. You can hire a cable car from there and visit the Waterfront where you will find plethora of shops and things to experience. The dynamism of the city with lots of modern facilities will definitely make you thrill.

Your Africa travel will be more enjoyable with well planned pre-arrangements and that’s why you should consult with an Africa travel guide to get an idea about the safari tour, staying and traveling. And, planning and organizing your Africa travel would be efficient and cost effective if it is done with the help of an African wildlife safari online agent.

Whether you are looking African wildlife safari or your interested in and African holiday visit Wildafrica. As Southern Africa is one of the most diverse destinations on the planet like Kruger National Park and provides the very best of what Africa has to offer, Travel To South Africa with Wild Africa Travel Company, & we will ensure your South African safari is as rich and diverse as the region itself.

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Apr 292018

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National parks of South Africa provide splendid opportunity to view the wildlife at closer proximity. South African safari is the best way to see the African lion and other beasts of the jungle as they roam free in the wild. Contact a South Africa travel agent or tour company to book your African holiday this season.

Travel and Accommodation in South Africa

There are many options to stay during your South Africa holidays. You can choose from luxurious hotels to smaller hotels and hostels depending on your budget. You can also rent vacation apartments and villas.

If you are new to the place, consider hiring a South Africa travel agent. The experienced and well-informed agents can help you with flight booking, stay and provide you with full details of the South African Safari. You can also ask you South Africa travel agent about local transportation and guided tours.

Planning a South African Safari Trip

While planning a South African Safari trip, discuss with your South Africa travel agent for further details. The agents can design a customized trip for bigger groups and families. Apart from that, there are various safari trips to choose- the guided South African safari, adventure safari, luxury African safari and self-drive Africa safari.

On guided tours, the visitors go on a South African safari with guides who explain about the wildlife and attractions. They will know where to find dense groups of animals and best photography locations. In all safari tours, the travel agents and guides explain the tourists about the rules and safety measures in the national park.

To avoid any hazards, stay inside your vehicle unless you are near a rest area. Do not wear bright clothes or make noises to attract wild animals. Wear cotton clothes and shoes to beat the heat in South Africa. Thus, when you hire a reputed South Africa travel agent, you can enjoy your trip and the South African safari without any hassles.


Whether you are looking African wildlife safari or your interested in and African holiday visit Wildafrica. As South Africa Tour is one of the most diverse destinations on the planet and provides the very best of what Africa has to offer, Travel To South Africa with Wild Africa Travel Company, South Africa Travel Agent will ensure your African safari is as rich and diverse as the region itself.

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If you are interested in wildlife and nature, you must travel to South Africa for African wildlife safari. The wildlife safari in South Africa will fill you with awe and mystery. Here you can see dense groups of animals, exotic natural landscape, dunes and mountains at a close distance. South Africa is a perfect holiday destination for a romantic or adventure getaway with ample scope of photography for nature lovers.

Plan your Travel to South Africa

It is advisable to check with local South Africa tour operators for best deals and discounts while you travel to South Africa. Plenty of domestic flights are available to South Africa. Once you reach the destination, you can visit local attractions on bus or rent a car.

For the African wildlife safari, you can find budget friendly accommodations within the national parks in South Africa. You can book cabins, lodges or camp in the outdoors. The travel agents and guides at the wildlife safari parks can make all arrangements for your stay. They can also help you find the best African wildlife safari tour that meets your budget and requirements.

You can go on an African wildlife safari in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and many other national parks in Africa. Usually, South African wildlife safaris are more popular for their developed infrastructure, good roads and lodgings.

While you travel to South Africa, follow all safety tips and precautions mentioned by tour travel guide. Never venture alone at night and keep away from unsafe areas. Do not carry lot of money and be very careful about your passport and other important documents. Store the local emergency phone numbers for additional safety. It is a hot and tropical climate in Africa. Hence, always carry a sunscreen and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Be aware of your surroundings, enjoy a pleasant trip to Africa, and admire the wildlife.

Whether you are looking African wildlife safari or your interested in and African holiday visit Wildafrica. As South Africa Tour is one of the most diverse destinations on the planet and provides the very best of what Africa has to offer, Travel To South Africa with Wild Africa Travel Company, South Africa Travel Agent will ensure your African safari is as rich and diverse as the region itself.

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Africa is an exotic travel destination. The task of an Africa travel can be little daunting and exhausting without proper planning and organization. A few tips about the best time to visit Africa and take an African Safari can help you enjoy the African trip to the fullest.

Best Time for Africa Travel and African Safari

If you wish to visit Africa for the safari, then plan a visit in the best season to see the wild animals in big numbers. You can opt for east and southern African national parks for the safari. Southern Africa safari is more popular because of better facilities and infrastructure. Ideally, best season for the eastern African safari is during August and September.

For a safari in Southern Africa, you can visit the Kruger National preserve or park. Best time to visit Kruger Park is between the months of June and September. This is a pleasant and dry season. There is a difference of seasons in east and south of Africa. Hence, it is a good time for a safari throughout the year.

Preparing for Africa Travel

Carefully pack your passport and visa and always keep a local guidebook handy. Be prepared for the difference in time zones. Carry light colored and organic or cotton clothing for Africa holiday to keep cool in the heat in Africa. Avoid dark or bright color clothes and stilettos especially during the safari. Pale, beige or pastel colors will not attract the animals and keep you safe. Do not forget to carry a mosquito net or repellant and shoes or boots for African Safari.

Safari in Africa is surely very exciting but also a little risky. Follow all safety precautions to have an enjoyable wildlife safari in Africa. Do not venture alone at night and avoid trespassing. Heed the advice of the tour guide to enjoy your African travel and safari.

Whether you are looking African wildlife safari or your interested in and African holiday visit Wildafrica. As Southern Africa is one of the most diverse destinations on the planet and provides the very best of what Africa has to offer, Travel To South Africa with Wild Africa Travel Company, South Africa Travel Agent will ensure your African safari is as rich and diverse as the region itself.

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Apr 202018

Public transportation is not recommended, except for luxury services; taxis are expensive and may not be reliable; mini-buses are generally not a safe travel option. Rental vehicles (some with drivers) are available. In South Africa (SA), it is illegal to use a hand-held cell phone while driving. Economic restraints prevent South Africa from conducting road safety studies, making it difficult to accurately identify and correct traffic black spots.


Drivers tend to travel speed, especially on thoroughfares. The speed limit has been lowered to 100 km/h (60 mph), but 69% of drivers exceed this limit. Drivers tend to be aggressive and irresponsible Tailgating at high speeds or passing on blind curves is not unusual. Many drivers maintain a following distance of less than two seconds.


Most South African travel and information portals will tell you that South Africa has a very sophisticated banking sector. It does. There are automatic teller machines all over the place. Something they don’t tell you though, is that using plastic, you can only take R1000 at a time out of an ATM. Now R1000 will pay for accommodation for two, a decent meal and a bottle of wine in a good guest house. What about spending money? Petrol? (Which you can’t pay for in South Africa with a credit card. No, I don’t know why.) The bottom line is you’re going to need to draw more than once a day. For every R1000 debit that hits your bank account bank back home, it’s accompanied by bank charges, and in the case of some banks, it’s 5 Euro a pop. That adds up.


South Africa is a big place – the size of France and Spain combined. Now while most travel and information portals will tell you that “South Africa has a well-developed road infrastructure”, that’s only kind of true. Yes, the N1 that links Johannesburg and Cape Town is as good as you’ll find in Europe, as is the N3 that links Johannesburg and Durban. And the N2 that links Cape Town and Durban is mostly good. But other than the main auto-routes, even if a road is shown as “surfaced” on the map,don’t assume that that means fast motoring. And some of the “un-surfaced” roads – well, you’ll be glad you’re in a hired car.


Detailed crime statistics are now published annually by the South African Police Services. For a while they weren’t published at all because the Great and the Good thought it would be better to suppress bad news. Now that we know what’s going on, most South African travel and information portals are going to try and put a positive spin on crime without getting into too much detail. “It’s getting better”. And so it is.


To enrich the experience take a South AfricaSIM Card, a local service here in US at the wholesale rates to save up-to 85% on international roaming. South Africa SIM Card on Cell C Network includes FREE incoming calls with service across South Africa plus lowest call charges back to US.


Don’t have a Unlocked Cell , struck with your present US carrier rent a South Africa – compatible cell phone from RebelFone, renting a South Africa Cell Phoneat $ 1 a day.

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Johannesburg, Jo’burg or Jozi is the largest city and the wealthiest province of South Africa. Served by O.R. Tambo International Airport, it is the provincial capital of Gauteng. There are numerous flights available for Johannesburg like Etihad, EvaAir, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Air India, Jet Airways, Emirates, Air China, China Airways and many others to choose from. But there are only few direct flights to Johannesburg. Choose the cheap deal with direct flights to Johannesburg for your travel.

Only three Direct Flighs To Johannesburg are available from UK: 1. South African Airways, 2. Virgin Atlantic, 3. British Airways. All these airlines are providing cheap flights, discount flights and cheap airfares for Johannesburg. All three airlines available from London, Gatwick, New Castle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, etc.

South African Airways is a 4 star airline approved by Skytrax. It has 4 star ranking for business class and 3 stars ranking for economy class. Seats are wide and very comfortable. This airline provides best services to its customers. Crew members are also very polite and humble in this airline. Cabin crew comes regularly between meals to offer water or juice. Airfares of this airline are also very cheap. You must travel with this airline; it will be a nice experience. Ranking of this airline can be change in future.

Virgin Atlantic also has 4 stars official ranking approved by Skytrax. It has 4 & 3 stars ranking for business class, premium class and economy class respectively. Millions of people travel with this airline, due to its good services. Seats are very comfortable, crew members are very soft spoken, washroom cleanliness is also very good. Meal provided in this airline is also very good. It would be a nice experience to travel with this airline.

British Airways also have officially 4 star ranking approved by Skytrax. It has 4 stars ranking for first class, business class and premium class. It has 3 stars ranking for economy class. Washroom and shower facilities are very good with this airline. Staff grooming and presentation is also very good. Staff members are very polite and humble. They treat passengers very friendly.

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For those of you who have seen the Oscar winning movie Tsotsi, Johannesburg would not be an unfamiliar name. Set in the Soweto township on the outskirts of Johannesburg, the movie won many accolades for its captivating storyline that highlighted the story of a troubled teenager who steals a car but ends up taking care of the baby who was still in it. The most striking feature of this movie was the fact that the main protagonists of the movie were themselves the residents of Soweto township in Johannesburg.
As you begin your tour of Johannesburg, you will realize that the superb urban infrastructure of the city is no less than any other international city be it Mumbai or New York. The city is also the nerve centre of business and commerce in South Africa and attracts a lot of business visitors who often demand cheap flights to Johannesburg on travel portals that offer easy connections to national and international destinations.

Being quite akin to an international city, Johannesburg extends a warm welcome to those who step into the city and its warm, inviting populace will make you feel at home. Racial discrimination is virtually non–existent as South African people have got rid of their Apartheid past.

Johannesburg is blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna that can be explored in detail if you take a tour of places like the Lion Park, Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve, and Melville Koppies Nature Reserve.

If knowing about the history of the African continent interests you, then you should book your flights to Johannesburg and include places like the Constitution Hill and the Apartheid museum in your itinerary. Here you will find a lot of memorabilia dating back to the Apartheid Era when South Africa was an outcast in the global geo-political arena.

You can add some zing to your Johannesburg tour by visiting places like the Gold Reef City, Bunny Park, Lesedi Cultural Village, and Sun City.

Shopping in Johannesburg is an experience in itself and the best place to do so is the area around Bruma Lake that has parks, shopping malls and even a flea market where you will find all items of necessary use at low price –points.

Another interesting aspect about Johannesburg is its psychedelic night life visible in its innumerable resto-bars, discotheques. Here you will see young men and women grooving to the beats of kwaito, an indigenous form of foot-tapping music that one gets to hear in this part of the world.

Johannesburg is an experience out of the ordinary….make sure you savor it on your next holiday!

The author is an expert on travel affairs and offers handy tips and advice about getting cheap flights and tickets to all international destinations.

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Apr 112018

If you have a passion for backpacking, trekking, sightseeing and safari holidays, then read on as we provide you with some of the incredible sights you must see throughout Africa and some amazing facts that make these places so incredible.

1.Okavango Delta is located in Botswana, and boasts the title of the largest inland delta in the world. Every year, when southern Africa is at its driest, the Okavango Delta floods with water from the river of the same name and one of Earth’s biggest migrations begin. Hundreds upon thousands of birds, fish and wildlife move on down to the Delta. The delta is incredibly flat, with less than 2 metres variation in height across its 15,000 km2. The Okavango Delta is also home to 71 differing species of fish and the most populous large mammal is the Lechwe antelope, with more than 60,000 inhabitants.

2.Victoria Falls located along the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, midway along its course to the Indian Ocean, the mighty Zambezi River falls 128 sheer metres to create the largest curtain of falling water on Earth. Its spray is visible from 30km away, and you’ll hear the waterfall rumble long before you reach the falls themselves. Victoria Falls is twice the size of Niagra Falls and several times longer, making it an ideal place to visit whilst trekking around Africa.

3.Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is part of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and is located in south-western Uganda, along the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The forest can boast one of the richest eco systems in the whole of Africa and the variety of species you can find in the national park is its most prominent feature. Other highlights include coming face to face with one of the Mountain Gorillas, stunning views of the forest, guided walks to the waterfall and walks for monkey and bird watching, which make it popular safari holiday destination.

4.Lake Kivu is one of the deepest lakes in Africa, measuring at around 480 metres deep, and can be found along the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. The lake has a total surface area of 2,700 km2, and comes as high as 1,460 metres above sea level. The surrounding land of the freshwater lake is notoriously steep and also offers beautiful waterfalls and sandy beaches.

5.Mount Kilimanjaro Possibly one of the most popular tourist hotspots for sightseeing and overall beauty. Mount Kilimanjaro has always been popular with many celebrities attempting to climb it for charity. It is located in the north east of Tanzania and can boast that it is the highest mountain throughout the whole of the African continent, and the fourth most prominent mountain throughout the world.

The mountain measures at 5,895 metres (19,341 ft) above sea level. Kilimanjaro is also composed of three very distinct volcano cones, named Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. Two of these volcanoes are extinct (Mawenzi and Shira), but Kibo, which has the highest peak of all three, is currently dormant, which means it could erupt again at any time. The last major eruption has been dated to 360,000 years ago, while the most recent activity was recorded just 200 years ago.

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Apr 082018

The Botanical Garden Kirstenbosch is one such special place that is an all in one attraction. It is a prominent and must visit attraction in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

In this Article, I am just writing an overview of the Botanical Garden Cape Town that will help you make your trip special and memorable.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is located along the Rhodes Drive, Newlands, Cape Town Couth Africa.
Opening Times:
Its open daily from 8AM to 6PM. However from September to March, it remains open till 7 in the evening.

Landscape / Location:
The landscape or location of this Garden is its most special feature. It offers a stunning view of the city, a quite atmosphere at the back side of Table Mountain.

What to Expect:
Its easy to imagine, what a collection of South African most exquisite flora and fauna will look like when nestled across the Table Mountain in a heavenly landscape. Moreover, it offers diverse and beautiful plants and flowers of the Cape flora, making it the most stunning botanical gardens in the world. You will find plants from nearly all of the regions of South Africa are on display, including rare succulents from the Richtersveld.

Notable Attraction:
For Botanists its a great chance to see or picture the giant baobab tree, a notable attraction of this garden. Also you can see interesting medicinal plants here.

Where to Eat:
There are several restaurants, in the garden where you can grab a snack or have your lunch in shade of giant trees, cool breeze and chirping birds.

What to Buy:
The Gardens must-buy or most memorable slovenlier is a plant that you can find at the indigenous nursery. However a gift shop for other items is also there.

Not to Miss:
At various times of the year concerts are performed in the open air amphitheatre, check local events calendar before you are buying your flights to Cape Town.

What to Capture:
Art is frequently on display, including large Shona stone sculptures from Zimbabwe.

What Else:
The gardens are also home to the National Biodiversity Institute.

Why Visiting Botanical Garden in Cape Town:
What makes the garden so special is that every season gives you something new to see such as new seasonal flowers, different species of native birds and a heavenly atmosphere for a perfect afternoon trip.

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